• Economic Impact Studies

    Let’s look at the bigger picture

    • Measuring a company’s impact on the world by looking at metrics such as revenue, units sold, and corporate philanthropy isn’t enough.


      For every product or solution that a company like Dell Technologies creates, markets and ships, a vast number of other companies are involved behind the scenes. This ranges from suppliers and partners to fulfilment and logistics providers.


      We’re looking at the bigger picture.

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      Economic Impact Studies

      Let’s look at the bigger picture

      Our global footprint spans 180 countries with a workforce of approximately 140,000 employees around the world. It’s no surprise then, that our company’s direct and indirect impact on the world is great. Measuring social impact is vital to us, to fully understand the effect of our actions.


      IHS Markit (IHSM) looked at how Dell Technologies’ operations, performance and innovation affected the U.S. economy over the last two years. It also considered the company’s major footprint markets (Texas, Massachusetts, California, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Utah, Tennessee and Georgia).


      The report found that every $1 of value added from Dell Technologies’ operations in 2016 led to an additional $1.76 of contribution to U.S. GDP across the supply chain and into communities.


      According to the IHSM report, for every U.S. job with Dell Technologies, an additional 6.7 jobs are supported across the country’s economy. Our extended supply chain and ecosystem make a huge difference too. Dell Technologies supported around 430,000 U.S. jobs in 2016. This means that in 2016, almost one out of 33 jobs in the U.S. was is some way connected to our operations.


      Every decision made by a large organization like Dell Technologies creates a ripple effect that shapes lives, marketplaces, and economies far beyond its walls.


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      At Dell Technologies we know that when our team members get involved in supporting non-profits, the impact of our charitable efforts can go even further.