• Disaster Relief

    We give and we never give up

    • Dell works with disaster relief organizations to help those in need in our communities. We offer our expertise, technology and funding, and our team members often volunteer their time and donate items. Helping in times of crisis is important to us and aligns with our core values.


      Dell Technologies also matches our team members’ monetary donations to disaster relief organizations and the other causes they care about - up to $10,000 per employee, per year.

    • When disasters stike, we’re there

    • Hurricane Maria

      Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico’s infrastructure, inspiring many of our employees to take action. Dell Services Director Jeff Poyner volunteered tirelessly on the island to deliver food, bottled water and infant formula – funded by Dell. He also arranged for the shipment of more than 50 Dell Chromebooks to make internet-based communications possible.


      Furthermore, Mariely Franzetti, Vice President of support services IT and Puerto Rico native, spearheaded a fundraiser that raised more than $90,000 for the Puerto Rico Community Foundation. She and her colleagues also purchased two generators to aid Poyner’s work.


      These are just a few examples of how Dell team members come together to help those in need.

    • Hurricane Harvey


      The devastating impact of category four Hurricane Harvey left Texas with $125 billion in costs and almost 135,000 homes damaged or destroyed.


      Laura Hancock, Senior Operations Manager for Dell’s enterprise technical support, learned that the American Red Cross (ARC) in Central Texas was struggling to keep up with emergency relief. It didn’t have enough office space to set up a temporary headquarters (HQ) for managing shelter logistics and shipping supplies.


      Hancock got approval for Dell to turn one of its buildings into a temporary ARC HQ. She also secured Dell technology for ARC to use and brought her team together to transform the space to be used effectively. This saved ARC days of work, helping them devote their energies to dealing with Harvey’s immense devastation.

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      Our Partnerships

      Dell Technologies cultivates a culture of inclusion and actively develops best practices to foster and protect it.