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    Advancing our 2030 social impact plan through public policy

    • We envision a world where technology helps cure cancers, provides safe and efficient transport, improves agricultural and manufacturing production, provides educational opportunities, offers interesting new jobs, and greatly improves everyone’s quality of life. As a global technology provider and corporate citizen, we also see firsthand how access and inclusion allow people everywhere to become part of the digital era.

      As countries, communities and businesses struggle to recover from the effects of the pandemic and respond to growing concerns about racial inequity, it is a unique time in history to reimagine what a better world could look like. Governments and companies need to clearly define their position on these global events and seize the opportunity to demonstrate the critical role technology plays in addressing these issues and enabling human progress.

      Our Progress Made Real Plan for 2030 — released in November 2019 — shares our vision for how we will drive this commitment through 2030, using our reach, technology and people to create a positive, lasting impact on humankind and the planet. Our 2030 goals are grounded in the belief that technology and data combined with human spirit is, and always will be, a positive force in the world.

      Dell Technologies actively supports public policies that will drive our desired outcomes in each of the four social impact focus areas.



        Emerging technologies have enormous potential to advance environmental sustainability

        We see significant opportunity to utilize AI and predictive analytics, big data, IoT and other technology to find new ways not only to operate more efficiently and with less waste but also to more fully build a global circular economy – with a focus on eliminating waste and more responsibly using natural resources.

        Government policies and initiatives are significant drivers of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Governments are working to develop the legal and practical frameworks in support of the SDGs to facilitate the significant public-private collaboration and exchange necessary to meet the goals.

      • Dell Technologies supports the following government actions and policies:

        • Address climate change by leveraging technology, supporting research and development, and promoting resiliency.
        • Work with businesses to use emerging technologies to develop the data tools and mechanisms needed to meet the SDGs.
        • Leverage advanced technology to undertake smart city master plans and develop smarter options for mobility, safety, water consumption, renewable power generation and storage, power and water distribution, and health care.
        • Implement smart, open data platforms to share government data, with privacy safeguards, to develop innovative solutions for societal problems.
        • Strengthen educational skills offerings and institutional relationships to develop innovative sustainability solutions.
        • Foster globally harmonized environmental and social standards.
        • Promote development, procurement and use of sustainable goods, considering whole product lifecycle and circular economy principles.


        We believe having a diversity of voices in Dell Technologies makes us stronger, smarter, and more resilient

        We are committed to strengthen our workforce, expand the pipeline of high-skilled tech workers, include traditionally underrepresented groups, and develop a more diverse pool of managers and executives by 2030.

      • Dell Technologies supports the following government actions and policies:

        • Empower businesses to start, grow and innovate by supporting diverse workforces and fostering mobility for highly skilled workers.
        • Promote equal opportunity for all employees, prohibiting discrimination in the workplace, and using emerging technologies to address human bias in employment decisions.
        • Adopt innovative tech and online platforms that can make education more affordable, accessible, and effective – and can improve access to top-ranking educators
        • Partner with nonprofit organizations, customers and peer companies on coalitions, advocacy groups and public policy initiatives to scale the diversity and inclusion imperative for maximum impact.
        • Foster partnerships between schools and the private sector to provide students with mentoring, career guidance and apprenticeship programs.
        • Encourage companies and educational institutions to research rapidly changing workforce needs and solutions; partner to align curricula with industry needs and expectations; and implement training and re-skilling programs as jobs and needs change.
    • transforming lives


        Transformation requires innovation

        The most innovative communities are those that promote open labor and product markets, cultivate an entrepreneurial culture, and foster the creation of new businesses, adopt fair and transparent tax policies, and ensure open internet access.

        Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning that analyze increasingly large sets of data will be more effective and create more innovation opportunities if they can utilize data across government boundaries.


        Our global economy relies on intricate worldwide supply chains and logistical support to reach new customers around the globe, with the help of a diverse workforce. Unrestricted trade is essential for continued economic growth and job creation — and emerging technologies like AI and blockchain can help further boost innovation, efficiencies and security in product development, manufacturing, and logistics. People and organizations will benefit as trade and investment spread new ideas and innovations.

        One of the foundational elements of an innovative culture is a workforce educated in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), digital literacy, and entrepreneurship — in both public education and other training programs. In addition, governments can foster an environment for businesses to create jobs, entrepreneurs to thrive, and for a data-driven economy to realize its full potential.

      • Dell Technologies supports the following government actions and policies:

        • Foster a culture of innovation by emphasizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, and digital literacy in public education and training programs to promote contextualized intelligence, entrepreneurial mindsets, and digital literacy.
        • Leverage data analytics to provide student-centered learning and virtual reality and augmented reality technology to enhance classroom and remote learning with immersive content delivery.
        • Ensure schools, rural communities, and disadvantaged neighborhoods have access to high-speed internet and emerging technologies.
        • Promote innovative health care approaches, including the use of emerging technologies such as telehealth initiatives for rural patients.
        • Improve diverse entrepreneurs’ access to capital, global markets, and opportunities to scale with incentives to invest in startups, support infrastructure to reduce scale-up costs and promote high-speed broadband.
        • Adopt competitive, fair, and transparent tax policies that encourage businesses to invest in innovation, infrastructure, and training.
        • Oppose tariffs and trade barriers, which ultimately restrict economic growth and innovation.


        As we move from a computer-centric to a data-driven world

        Commercial success and the public good increasingly depend on the ability to collect, process and analyze large amounts of data from various sources. For governments and businesses to realize the benefits of new technologies, society must trust that the data collected is private and secure – and is being responsibly used. However, many have concerns about the impact of emerging technologies – about privacy infringement, inability of technology to decipher between good and bad commands, and a call for clear lines of responsibility and protocols in the event autonomous machines fail. Recognizing that recent actions and inactions by technology companies and organizations using technology have not lived up to the public’s expectations of responsibility, these organizations must work together to restore the public’s trust in their operations.

      • Dell Technologies supports the following government actions and policies:

        • Promote privacy via open, global standards, including adopting federal privacy legislation in the United States.
        • Encourage research and development in technology to adopt privacy-by-design approaches in government technology solutions.
        • Resolve conflicts of law or jurisdiction caused by different approaches to privacy and data protection, using standardized agreements among governments.
        • Implement smart, open data platforms for governments to share their data, with appropriate data security and privacy safeguards, to foster innovative solutions to societal problems.
        • Engage businesses in frank human rights discussions and incorporating global privacy standards into procurement policies to ensure respect for justice, transparency and sustainable practices across operations and supply chains.
        • Work with the private sector to develop transparency guidelines for the ethical use of emerging technologies. Partner with governments, multinational corporations, and industry groups to advocate for strong anticorruption protections across the globe.

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