• Many of our future leaders are already on our payroll. We’re committed to recognizing ability and nurturing talent among our team members. That’s why Leadership Development is a big part of our culture, with programs that equip high-potential team members at all levels with the skills they need to progress in their careers.

    • Foundations of Leadership


      The Foundations of Leadership program provides new leaders with the essential tools to lead their teams in the best way possible. The combination of online resources and a two-day instructor-led program gives leaders a chance to learn, apply and practice new skills.

    • Advanced Leadership Experience


      More senior leaders can opt for the Advanced Leadership Experience, a two and a half-day immersive, action-based program. This transformational learning experience challenges leaders to become more inclusive, efficient and engaged within their teams.

    • Director Leadership Program


      Leadership development is a continuous journey for all our people leaders, which is why we also offer the Director Leadership Program – with offerings across the globe. This three-day program leverages simulations and the latest in gamified immersive and learning technologies to guide leaders in their goal of becoming an inspiring and influential leader at Dell.


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