• We build technology that enables people to do their best work at any time, from anywhere in the world. So it only makes sense that we adopt flexible work arrangements for our own team members. Our Connected Workplace program makes this possible.


      Our team members can choose from a wide range of flexible work options, so they can be as productive as possible; from full-time remote to select days on campus to job-sharing and more.

    • Our partnership with FlexJobs showcases the viability of flexible work in today’s workplace.

    • Working remotely

      Team members can make the most of this option by working from home, or from another location, saving time that would otherwise be spent on commuting. Without office distractions, our employees who opt for this working style can enhance their productivity.

    • Learn more about Dell’s Connected Workplace.

    • Flextime

      We know that family and personal responsibilities are important and deserve time and attention. That’s why our flextime option allows team members to customize their working day to better manage responsibilities outside of the office.


      Part time

      Part-time work allows team members at Dell to bridge the gap between work and other priorities. Part-time work can support those who are committed to further education or training, or those who are phasing into retirement. This option allows us to continue working with these valued individuals.


      Job sharing

      Job sharing is a mix of part-time work solutions but with full-time coverage for the position. These share teams – along with their leaders – work out the best schedule and work design process to benefit those involved.


      Compressed work week

      The normal five-day work week has evolved. Our team members have the option to compress their work week to less than five days, or do a ten-day span and have time off on a recurring basis to attend to personal matters.


      Leadership Development

      We strive to equip team members at all levels with the skills to progress in their careers.