• At Dell Technologies, we want to eliminate the concept of waste — rethinking, redesigning, reusing and recycling our way to a better future. A bold step for us in this direction is to set ambitious goals that challenge us to take back as much as we produce, and to significantly scale our adoption of recycled and renewable materials. Combined with making what we do produce recyclable itself and providing the services and solutions that enable our customers to dematerialize their growth as well, our efforts will drive change and help us all shift to the circular economy.



      Revolutionizing how we use materials and resources

      Every year, humanity uses more natural resources than the earth can regenerate. Our circular design approach aims to eliminate the concept of waste by continually reusing resources.



      How we reuse resources over and over and over again

      Discover how we incorporate sustainability into everything we do, from choosing materials for products and packaging to reusing, remanufacturing or recycling them at the end of their lifecycle. 

    • Learn more about our progress and get involved


      FY20 Progress Made Real Report

      In our first report on our social impact plan for 2030, we focus on thoroughly explaining methodologies and data that show our starting points for our 2030 goals.


      Recycle today. Protect tomorrow.

      At Dell Technologies, we’re committed to protecting our customers and our planet. That’s why we provide secure and responsible recycling options for both consumers and businesses around the world. Find the service that's right for you today.