Common Criteria Certification List

    Dell Technologies is committed to a built-in security experience; we’re one of the leading vendors in the common criteria security framework. The lists below show in detail a variety of certificates and security objectives that our solutions deliver.

    • Products in evaluation

    • XtremIO  EAL2+, ALC_FLR.2 CA
      Dell EMC SRM EAL2+, ALC_FLR.2 CA
      Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines EAL2+, ALC_FLR.2 CA
      Networker EAL2+, ALC_FLR.2 CA
      Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) v2.6 EAL2+, ALC_FLR.2 CA
      Dell Data Protection Encryption Personal Edition Version 10.8 PP_APP_V1.3,  MOD_FE_V1.0 CA
    • Active certifications

    • Dell products and partner certifications