• Transforming Lives with Technology

    Technology can transform our communities

    • We believe technology can transform our communities for the better. That’s why we’re passionate about placing our people and solutions where they do most good.



      Driving human progress with technologies that give more than they take

      Our strategy isn’t just to reduce the bad we do, but to increase the good. Creating a balance that puts more into the world and society than what we take from it is creating a net positive.



      Finding new hope for rare childhood diseases

      Medical science is at the threshold of a revolution in the treatment of rare childhood cancers and genetic diseases. Such conditions have long been considered among the most intractable problems facing modern medical science. Dell Technologies is accelerating the analysis of genetic sequencing from weeks to hours, empowering doctors to diagnose faster when every day counts.



      Making a difference for generations to come

      With non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease rising across India, a solution is urgently needed. Dell partnered with the Government of India to develop a human-centric technology solution to help overcome the challenge of providing consistent preventive care to 800 million people living in rural areas.



      Enabling brighter futures

      Even today, millions of children around the world still don’t have access to the technology and education they need. This doesn’t just impact their future. It impacts all of us – limiting our collective progress, future and happiness. It’s vital that we play our part in providing for the next generation – our future workforce. Dell Youth Learning aims to do just that.

      • Using 3D printing to transform prosthetics for kids and families

        “If we can make a difference in a child’s life, by providing greater functionality and most importantly increasing his or her confidence, we want to help. That’s why we do what we do.”  said Seamus Jones, Sr. Consultant for Dell EMC.  What started out as the simple act of questioning what’s possible has turned into exciting advancements in use of 3D printing for prosthetic hands thanks to the collaboration, creativity, and engineering prowess of Deloitte, Dell Technologies, and e-NABLE, a global volunteer network.  Faster, cheaper, and more versatile, prosthetics created using 3D printing are changing the lives of young children with dysmelia. 

        Learn More: Get a hand, build a hand, or give a hand at e-nable.org or by contacting enable@dell.com

    • Our 2030 focus areas for Transforming Lives with Technology

      There are limitless possibilities when we apply our scale, portfolio and partners to solve complex societal challenges. We aim to harness the power of technology in creating a future that is capable of fully realizing human potential.