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      We value all comments, questions and suggestions, so please get in touch. Likewise, for more information about Dell Supplier Diversity, contact us via mail or email. 

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      Dell Global Supplier Diversity
      One Dell Way 
      Round Rock, Texas 78682




      (note the two underscores after Global)


      Become a Diversity Supplier


      Does your business align with our strategic objectives? If so, we encourage you to submit a one-page capability statement to Global__Supplier_Diversity@Dell.com (please note the double underlines between Global and Supplier.) You can register through our portal.


      A quick legal reminder


      In accordance with U.S.C. 654(d), misrepresenting the size of your business is punishable by hefty fines, imprisonment, administrative remedies and ineligibility for programs conducted under the Small Business Act. Make sure you’re sure before applying!

      Support our commitment to reduce environmental waste by providing your information electronically. Your information will be directed to the specific buyer(s) responsible for purchasing the materials/services you are marketing. Do not submit a request for an appointment as no further action is required. If successful, you will be contacted directly by a Dell Global Commodity Manager.