• To ensure our focus for our social impact work is clear, we conducted a thorough analysis in 2018-2019 of our material issues in conjunction with consulting firm SustainAbility, beginning with a review of external corporate sustainability and philanthropy frameworks and trends, benchmarking our peers and analyzing customers’ Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to identify trends in topics they care about. We also gathered insight from a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders including senior executives across Dell Technologies, suppliers, customers representing different sectors, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and thought leaders. Additionally, we surveyed Dell Technologies employees. This helped us generate a list of key issues, which we prioritized based on three criteria:



      Material issues

      Through this process, we identified the material issues that not only have short-term implications on society and our business, but also affect the global outcomes we are striving to attain by 2030. Ultimately, this process informed our definition of our 2030 goals, outlined in our Social Impact Plan for 2030. These issues and our 2030 goals have been reviewed by the Dell Technologies executive leadership team and align with our social impact and business strategies.

    • Our Support for SDGs

      The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the U.N. Member States in 2015 set forth a global vision for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. We believe technology will play a key role in many of these 17 ambitious, interrelated goals and see market opportunities aligned with our own commitments to creating a positive social impact. While further work is required to best understand how our own Progress Made Real goals might align to specific targets. 

      We see the potential for contributions to the SDGs in the following areas: 


      Advancing Sustainability

      Our new goals will help us reduce our environmental impact and drive even better conditions for those who make our products. We will collaborate across our value chain to drive circularity, decoupling growth from resource use and leveraging clean sources of energy. We will hold ourselves and our partners accountable to meaningful improvements in the communities where we work and live while championing those who make our products. Sustainability is a core part of our business and we will continue to embed it into all we do. 


      Cultivating Inclusion

      Our successful future will be built on attracting and developing diverse talent while building an inclusive culture. We will address inequalities, create opportunities and continue to build a more diverse and inclusive culture. We will partner with our communities on programs that attract and deepen the potential pool of talent for our future, and we will drive the skills and opportunities within our own walls that inspire our team members and help them grow. Change starts with us.


      Transforming Lives

      By harnessing our scale, our partnerships and our technology portfolio, we can enable a future that realizes the potential embodied in the SDGs. By providing our expertise and support, we can drive better health, improve education and grow opportunities in the digital economy for underrepresented groups. Success will depend on effective partnerships and creative approaches to delivering solutions. A better future is within our collective grasp, and we want to play our part.