The Power of Preventive Screening to Change Millions of Lives

    • Helping healthcare providers find and manage hidden diseases

      Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer afflict people of all ages. Hidden and chronic, NCDs can be hard to detect until later stages, making them more difficult to treat. In India, home to the world’s second-largest population, NCDs are a major public health issue, especially in rural areas where access to quality healthcare is scarce and paper-based record-keeping is both prone to errors and not easy to share or analyze.

      Created by a team of passionate Dell employees, Digital LifeCare gives health workers, doctors and health officials the tools to combat the rise in NCDs. Digital LifeCare is a modern digital platform with mobile, cloud and analytics solutions. It helps healthcare workers – from auxiliary nurse midwives in rural areas and villages to doctors in urban hospitals – screen, diagnose, manage and track NCDs at every level. Developed for the government of India in concert with a diverse ecosystem of partners, Digital LifeCare has grown from 58,000 enrolled in late 2018 to nearly 60 million as of mid-2020.


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