• Ethnic and Cultural Empowerment

    Breaking through barriers

    • Dell realizes that a company dedicated to continued growth and innovation must be just as committed to equity and inclusion. That’s why we have initiatives that focus on ethnic and cultural empowerment within our workforce.


      From recruiting and developing the best talent, to ensuring a culture of belonging, we want everyone to be set up for success.

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      Advocacy and Policy

      Strong partnerships, for stronger progress

      We partner with industry-leading professional associations, advocacy groups, civic organizations and multicultural business groups around the globe. That’s how we gain insight into best practices that help us continue to promote a culture of inclusion.

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      Talent Pipeline

      Empowering the next generation

      Our Global Diversity and Inclusion team works tirelessly to find the best diverse talent in the world. We partner with top institutions, including Northeastern University, to source the best talent.

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      Development and Retention

      Recognizing talent with opportunity

      Focusing on the unique talents and abilities of all our team members isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s right for our business, leading to better innovation, retention and business growth.

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      Partnerships and Events

      Advancing people of color

      Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do. Discover our partnerships with organizations that support the advancement of people of color.