• Every day, our brains make thousands of judgements without conscious thought. And when these judgements are about people, they’re often influenced by social stereotypes we’re not even aware of. 


      We’re working to apply our expertise in technology and innovation to knock down barriers and eliminate bias wherever it exists.

    • Bias Check

      Many companies are still struggling to reflect the diversity of the global population at all levels, particularly in leadership positions.


      We believe technology could play a role in helping to think differently about the diversity of our talent and how to inspire inclusion within our organizations.


      There are many technologies out there now, but none is comprehensive. We have an opportunity to disrupt this fragmented market by providing a solution that supports diversity and inclusion across the talent continuum to create a true workforce for the future that’s agile and innovative.


      Click here to join us on our journey to develop a Bias Check solution.


      Many Advocating Real Change (MARC)

      We were the first IT company to participate in the MARC Leaders program. Today it’s a key component of our Diversity and Inclusion strategy. 


      MARC was created by the Catalyst organization, a non-profit that promotes inclusive workplaces for women. 


      The program is an initiative for leaders committed to achieving equality in the workplace. Through it we engage our team members in candid conversations on various diversity topics, from identifying ways to mitigate unconscious biases to promoting a more collaborative and inclusive leadership style. 


      MARC sessions offer a judgment-free space for executives, managers and team members to address challenging topics directly and honestly.


      Gender Empowerment

      Equality is a priority.

      We’re committed to achieving genuine equality in our workforce. Discover how we’re accelerating the development of women around the globe.