• Cultivating inclusion

    Unlocking innovation by celebrating differences

    • We champion access and opportunity for all. We respect differences in people and cultures among our team members, and across the world. At Dell, Diversity and Inclusion is in our DNA: it’s more than what we do; it’s who we are. Diversity unlocks our creative spirit, helping us innovate to make a better tomorrow for all. To underline this commitment, Michael Dell chairs our Global Diversity Council. This council provides direction, support and strategic oversight, ensuring that Diversity and Inclusion is woven into the fabric of everything we do.


      Ethnic and Cultural Empowerment

      Breaking through barriers

      Companies dedicated to growth and innovation must be just as committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. That’s why we have initiatives that focus on advancing ethnic and cultural empowerment within our workforce. We want everyone to be set up for success.



      Accelerating equality in the workplace

      We’re committed to developing women across our global operations. We offer formal training, networking, mentoring and other resources to effectively advance our women around the globe.



      Inspiring our people to be their best

      Engaged team members are critical to our culture and business. That’s why we focus on Diversity and Inclusion to create a culture where everyone is empowered to bring their best selves to work.



      Showing up for our neighbors

      We’re passionate about helping the people we live and work with. And we support local economies where we’re based, and where we do business. We give back through voluntary work and disaster relief, and we strongly support partnerships that help us contribute to our communities and cultivate inclusion.



      Extending opportunities to all

      Workforce transformation is increasingly critical to business success. We’re convinced that a diverse STEM workforce will be the fuel that drives digital transformation.



      Seeing each other more clearly

      How we’re innovating to knock down barriers and eliminate bias wherever it exists.

    • Our 2030 focus areas for Cultivating Inclusion

      Dell Technologies believes we are leaving too much potential talent on the table while in the midst of a talent shortage. Closing the diversity gap is critical to meeting future talent needs and incorporating new perspectives reflective of Dell’s global customer base. We view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative that will enable us to build and empower our future workforce while also doing our part to address societal challenges.