• Environmental responsibility is about more than creating an eco-friendly product or initiative. It’s about incorporating sustainability into everything we do. That includes how we choose the materials we use in our products and packaging. And it also includes how we reuse them when those items are no longer needed.


      From recycling the plastic in old electronics for new computers, to turning ocean-bound plastics into recyclable packaging, Dell Technologies is a world leader in using resources in a way that protects the planet.


      Sustainability comes naturally

      We’ve pioneered bio-based technologies to package our products and reduce their environmental impact still further.



      Discarding the idea of waste

      We’re working to continually return materials to our production cycles or back to the market, rather than using them once and then discarding them.


      Finding raw materials in the most unlikely places

      Our circular design approach includes recycling and repurposing scrap materials, creating innovative uses for what was once discarded as waste.