• Community Empowerment

    We aim to be good neighbors

    • We’re passionate about contributing to the communities we live and work in. Our team members frequently volunteer when disasters strike - we also match their charitable donations. Plus, we strongly support partnerships that help us contribute to our communities and cultivate inclusion.



      As a major employer, our economic input in these communities is often very substantial. But we also believe we have greater responsibilities.

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      Economic Impact Studies

      Let’s look at the bigger picture

      Our global footprint spans 180 countries with a workforce of almost 140,000 employees around the world. But everything we do also involves many other companies behind the scenes. Let’s look at this bigger picture to see our true economic impact.

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      Giving back to our communities

      In 2018, Dell employees logged 809,000 hours (the equivalent of 92 years) of volunteer time across 66 countries. We’ll continue to give back to the community for many more hours to come.

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      Disaster Relief

      We give and we never give up

      At Dell Technologies, we use our expertise, technology, time and funding to help disaster relief organizations when a natural disaster strikes.

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      Our Partnerships

      Together, we can cultivate inclusion

      With the right partnerships, we can share and gain valuable insight into best practices that help us foster a culture of inclusion.