Transforming the world with technology and partnerships

    • Leveraging technology, partnerships and the power and expertise of our global team members, we can solve the most pressing problems facing every community. By unlocking the potential of all people and all communities – we can create a better future for everyone. Through advancing healthcare, education, and economic opportunity, we will reach our goal to transform the lives of 1 billion people worldwide by 2030.

    • Aligning our giving to deliver opportunity for all

      Our guiding principles focus our philanthropic investments on efforts that help democratize digital medicine and ensure technology-enabled education and economic opportunity are accessible to all.

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      Bridging the digital divide for young learners

      Technology is a powerful force for creating new opportunities and breaking down barriers for younger generations. It is also a necessity, not a luxury—one that allows full participation in the digital economy. To connect technology and learning resources with those who need them most, we invest with strategic nonprofit partners. That provide access to STEM education and innovative new paths to IT careers, fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets through student-centered learning.

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      Removing healthcare-related barriers for all communities

      Access to quality healthcare removes a barrier to economic advancement and prosperity. We invest to promote innovative healthcare approaches, including the use of emerging technologies such as telehealth initiatives for rural patients. When we help communities and individuals live healthier lives, they can focus on education and seizing economic opportunities. We supported the expansion of research access and computing capacity through our work with partner organizations.

      Texas Advanced Computing Center

      Dell Technologies supports the expansion of research access and computing capacity through our work with organizations like the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), a long-time Dell customer. Because wide-scale disasters generate massive amounts of data that must be processed quickly to be effective, massive compute power is required. With Dell’s support, TACC expanded its supercomputer Frontera’s hardware capabilities so that compute power focused on COVID-19 tasks – such as contact tracing, transmission rates, epidemiological forecasting and viral DNA analysis – could continue. TACC is now be able to provide urgent computing to significantly improve response times to other natural and man-made, large-scale disasters – without negatively impacting its primary mission of supporting fundamental science.

      i2b2 tranSMART Foundation

      In our ongoing work to support the expansion of precision medicine, Dell Technologies donated funding and technology to the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation, an open-source, open-data community whose mission is to enable collaboration for precision medicine. This gift supported the creation of a coalition of research centers focused on large-scale population monitoring of COVID-19 patients, mobilizing the data from their network of more than 200 institutions worldwide. This data enables research on prevention and cures – and will also be used to power one of the first applications of a system to generate digital twins (personalized virtual models of individual patients) studying long-haul COVID patients. The COVID-19 Long-Hauler Project, a partnership between Dell Technologies and i2b2 tranSMART is applying the power of research – accelerated by AI and other advanced technologies – to understand the causes of PASC and develop effective treatments.

      Digital LifeCare
      Bringing digitally enabled preventative healthcare to millions in rural India.

      Joining forces to fight children’s cancers and rare diseases with precision medicine.


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      Giving and Volunteering

      The power of our people to change the world

      Our Dell Technologies team members around the globe are dedicated to the communities in which they live and work. We empower them to create the changes they want to see in those communities and the world using their skills, knowledge, time, and personal contributions. Dell team members support efforts ranging from joining forces to support global relief efforts, to volunteering close to home, and to working with nonprofits to help them digitally transform.

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      Enabling full participation in the digital economy

      Access to the social and economic benefits of the digital economy is not a given. For people who don’t have a government-recognized identity or a digital history of financial transactions, tapping into banking services and investment capital can be extremely challenging. Dell Technologies is working with financial technology nonprofit Kiva to secure their biometric-based digital IDs and blockchain credit history program. Together, we are striving to bring 100 million unbanked people into the digital economy.


      Learn how we are making progress real

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