FY19 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

    • Our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan has established sustainability, diversity and technology as accelerators for successful customer and societal outcomes for years to come.

      In 2013, we set our ambitious social and sustainability goals to reach by 2020 and launched our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan. This plan embedded our commitment to corporate social responsibility more deeply into Dell Technologies’ DNA. Its goals outlined exactly how we would put technology and our expertise to work where they can do the most good for people and our planet. We rallied our global team around these targets and engaged our customers, communities, industry peers and stakeholders. As a result, we pushed the boundaries of our innovation and achieved more impact than we ever imagined.

      We’re proud of all that we’ve achieved and the strong foundation we’ve set for Progress Made Real — Our Vision for 2030.

    • Our 2020 Plan Achievements

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      pounds of sustainable materials used in our products

      • Closed the recycling loop, turning plastics from used electronics into new Dell Technologies products (over 125 models).
      • Created shiny new motherboards by recycling gold from used ones.
      • Used reclaimed carbon fiber from the aerospace industry in our mobility products.

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      Reduced the energy intensity of our product portfolio by 64 percent

      • Reduced the energy intensity of our server portfolio by almost 78 percent since FY12.
      • Reduced disk drive energy intensity (as a function of capacity) by 74 percent since FY12.
      • Drove laptop efficiencies to require only $3 in annual electricity costs to operate, on average.
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      Recovered 2B pounds of used electronics

      • Provided responsible recycling solutions for customers around the world to minimize their environment impact.
      • Made recycling easy, from Dell Reconnect offering consumers free drop-off at participating Goodwill® locations to Asset Resale and Recycling Services providing commercial customers with secure, on-site pickup.
      • Fostered trust by following strict disposition and data sanitization standards.
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      Deepened customers’ visibility into our supply chain

      • Launched an annual Supply Chain Sustainability Report and published suppliers’ aggregate audit results and links to their sustainability reports.
      • Hosted annual customer tours of Dell Technologies’ and suppliers’ facilities.
      • Helped suppliers develop and implement water risk mitigation plans.

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      Team members gave 5M hours of service to their communities

      • Created a global online portal to connect team members to local charities’ opportunities.
      • Encouraged skills-based volunteering, from mentoring students to developing new nonprofit technology solutions.
      • Held companywide events supporting Dell Technologies’ strategic and community engagement partners.

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      Used our technology and expertise to help nearly 16M people grow and thrive

      • Advanced the Dell Genomic Data Analysis Platform, enabling doctors to analyze pediatric cancer patients’ genomic data faster and deliver personalized treatments to more critically ill children.
      • Brought STEM education to underserved children worldwide, from girls’ coding camps to solar-powered classrooms.
      • Developed the Digital LifeCare Platform to revolutionize the Government of India’s preventive health care system.

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      60% of global team members leverage flexible work options

      • Encouraged team members to design their ideal working arrangements, including remote work, flexible hours and job sharing.
      • Supported flex workers’ needs through enhanced technology infrastructure, trainings and a Conexus employee resource group.
      • Increased team member satisfaction and enabled Dell Technologies to hire talent in more locations.
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      88% of team members rate their leader as inspiring

      • Developed an end-to-end, immersive leadership development program for all levels.
      • Launched Dell Technologies Advantage to align all business leaders around our strategy.
      • Became the first IT company to participate in Many Advocating Real Change, which explores unconscious bias, gender and diversity.
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      89% of team members are satisfied at Dell Technologies

      • Drove measurable satisfaction increases through flexible work options, employee resource groups and leadership development trainings.
      • Fostered a culture of open communication among all Dell Technologies businesses.
      • Recognized as a great place to work with awards from Forbes, LinkedIn and FlexJobs.