• Even today, millions of children still don't have access to the technology and education they need. This doesn’t just impact their future. It impacts all of us — limiting the world’s collective power, and human progress.


      Dell Youth Learning aims to change that. We’re working with 49 non-profits in 15 countries. We provide these non-profits with grant funding, volunteers and our latest technology.

    • Dell is helping children around the world through the Youth Learning Program

      Since 2013, Dell and our non-profit partners have helped over two million young people around the world. Discover the stories of five of the kids whose lives we’re helping transform.


      Nosiviwe, aged 14, lives in Christel House South Africa and is following her dream of becoming an accountant. Christel House helps impoverished children like Nosiviwe overcome physical and psychological trauma. They educate, feed and provide health care — developing the whole child from early childhood through early adulthood. 

      The Dell Youth Learning program has provided technology, funding and volunteers to Christel House South Africa since 2013. 


      Learn more about Christel House South Africa


      Alisha, her sister and her brother, live in an orphanage in India. She lost her father when she was only 3 years old. Since then, her mother struggles to work every day to earn enough money to care for her children.


      Alisha’s ambition in life is to become an astronaut and build a house for her mother.


      She is part of the Digital Equalizer Program which Dell supports. Through this scheme, children and teachers in underprivileged schools in India can bridge the digital and educational divide.


      Learn more about the Digital Equalizer Program.


      Dakota wants to become a mechanical engineer and change the world by creating new technologies. She part of the Boys & Girls Club of America, a youth development organization that has been helping economically-disadvantaged kids since 1860. BGCA wants to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most.


      With this vision, Dell and the Boys and Girls Club of the Austin area have worked together to prioritize academics through programs like Double A STEM Academy. These programs give youth the opportunity to learn skills needed in the 21st century workforce.


      Learn more about Boys and Girls Clubs of America


      The China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) helps educate and provide the tools necessary for young people to grow.


      Dell’s work with Stanford’s REAP initiative brings computer-assisted learning (CAL) to students in rural schools across China. Our technology is helping Nana to develop coding skills and her grasp of the English language.


      Together, more than 50% of the schools in China that have implemented the REAP program, supported by Dell, are also running the CYDF-Dell coding program.


      Learn more about our partnership and the REAP program.


      Having recently moved from El Salvador to Massachusetts with her family, Mariana is learning English as her second language to help her with education and work opportunities. Mariana is part of the Girls Who Code after school club where she makes computer programs. 


      Citizen Schools – a Dell Youth Learning partner – aims to set students’ sights on high school and college graduation, while building skills they will need to thrive in the modern economy. 


      Learn more about Citizen Schools.


      Employee volunteering


      Dell Technologies encourages and support its team members in their volunteering efforts.

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      Distaster relief


      Sharing is caring. Discover how Dell Technlogies shares its resources in moment of crisis.

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