• Cultivating inclusion

    Unlocking innovation by celebrating differences

    • Dell Technologies believes we are leaving too much potential talent on the table while in the midst of a talent shortage. Closing the diversity gap is critical to meeting future talent needs and incorporating new perspectives reflective of Dell’s global customer base. We view diversity and inclusion as a business imperative that will enable us to build and empower our future workforce while also doing our part to address societal challenges.

    • Diversity enables us to empower our future workforce


      Building and attracting the future workforce

      To create a workplace that is more accessible, equitable and attractive to a diverse talent pipeline.


      Developing and retaining an empowered workforce

      To foster an internal community that is more engaged, productive and innovative.


      Scaling for maximum impact

      To develop stronger customer alliances and an external community that recognizes, respects and embraces our shared value.


      Our 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Report

      Learn how we are building a workforce that's representative of the diverse and global customers we serve.


      Our Social Impact Plan for 2030

      With this plan, we are taking our next bold step toward making progress real by setting goals across each of our key areas.