• A key part of our circular design approach is to engineer waste out of our product life cycles and to recycle materials back in. But we also look further afield to find ways to transform waste back into valuable raw materials.

    • Reclaimed Carbon Fiber

      How aerospace waste is taking our laptops to new heights

      Carbon fiber’s strength, rigidity and low weight make it ideal for the aerospace industry. But their processes create waste that normally cannot be reused, leaving material that would be thrown away. Working with our suppliers, we identified an opportunity to reclaim this carbon fiber as a raw material and recycle it into our products. 


      Using scrap to build better products

      Today, our laptops deliver more performance than ever, in thinner, lighter packages. Carbon fiber is an ideal material for their housings, combining strength and low weight with attractive, high tech aesthetics. 

      We take off-spec, excess or scrap carbon fiber, chop and pelletize it then compound it with plastic and mold it into components that make mobility products stronger, lighter and thinner. The material is also very recyclable.

      We’ve proved that other industries’ waste can be a rich source of new materials for our products. Watch this space for news of more ways that we’re innovating to end waste.

    • Pollution ink

      A breath of fresh air

      Most large Indian cities battle smog, an issue made worse by a heavy reliance on diesel generators which supplement the country’s power grid. Many cell towers still run on generators too, contributing to widespread health problems in local communities.


      How can technology help reduce smog?

      Dell Technologies loves to support bright ideas that benefit our environment. We are working with a supplier that has developed a device that removes the soot produced by diesel generator exhausts. This soot is then refined into carbon black and used to make ink.

      We’re now using this ink to print on the 125,000+ packages that we send out across India every month.

      To capture the amount of carbon black we need, our supplier’s devices will process the equivalent of all the air breathed by 110,000 people in a year. Instead of the soot in that air ending up in their lungs, it’s safely captured in our ink.


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