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    February 12, 2019

    Dell EMC Helps Enterprises Tame Explosive Growth of Unstructured Data with New Isilon and ClarityNow Solutions

    Dell EMC Isilon F810 Scale-Out NAS Platform Delivers Extreme Performance and Efficiency; Dell EMC ClarityNow Software Provides Visibility, Control and Mobility of Unstructured Data in the Data Center and in the Cloud

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    • New Dell EMC Isilon F810 supports up to 3:1 data compression, scaling up to nearly 80 PB in a single All-Flash clusteri
    • Isilon F810 delivers extreme performance and efficiency to support demanding modern data center workloads, with up to 33% more effective storage capacity per raw TB than a key competitive All-Flash offeringii.
    • New Dell EMC ClarityNow software enables organizations to locate, access and manage data in seconds, no matter where it resides – across file and object storage, in the data center and in the cloud.

    HOPKINTON, MA - February 12, 2019 -

    The explosion of unstructured data is demanding new approaches and capabilities for organizations to unlock their data capital and enable digital transformation. To tackle these challenges, Dell EMC today announced a new addition to its flagship Isilon All-Flash storage system, along with the release of new Dell EMC ClarityNow software to give organizations visibility, control and mobility of unstructured data both on-premises and in the cloud.

    Many enterprises today are looking to accelerate business outcomes with powerful, next-generation unstructured data applications in areas such as data analytics, artificial intelligence and electronic design automation (EDA). These workloads often require the extreme performance of All-Flash storage. At the same time, many organizations are being pressured to tightly limit capital equipment purchases and reduce related IT operating costs. It is in this environment that organizations also need to manage the growing volumes of unstructured data effectively so that their businesses can be more productive and efficient in their efforts to unlock the value of their enterprise data.

    “Modernizing the IT infrastructure is an essential first step to driving digital business initiatives and managing all of their data more effectively,” said Jeff Boudreau, President, Storage, Dell EMC. “The Dell EMC Isilon F810 scale-out NAS storage addresses these challenges by delivering extreme performance and efficiency to support demanding unstructured data workloads. And because nobody knows the value of data better than the people who create it, Dell EMC ClarityNow offers organizations a holistic data view across file and cloud storage, and allows end users to locate, use and extract value from their file-based data wherever it resides.”

    Isilon F810 Delivers Extreme Performance, Efficiency and Capacity
    The Isilon F810 delivers up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/s bandwidth per 4U chassis with predictable, linear scalability up to 9M IOPS and 540 GB/s of aggregate throughput in a single 144 node cluster to meet demanding performance requirements.

    With an inline data compression ratio of up to 3:1ii, the Isilon F810 enables organizations to reduce raw all-flash storage requirements and provides up to 33% more effective storage capacity per raw TB than a key competitive All-Flash offeringiii. With a corresponding increase in storage density, the F810 provides an effective storage capacity of up to 2.2 PB per 4U chassis and up to 79.6 PB in a 144-node cluster. The highly dense storage solution can help reduce datacenter footprint and related costs including floor space, power and cooling.

    In keeping with the longstanding Dell EMC commitment to providing future-proof Isilon storage solutions, the new Isilon F810 storage platform integrates easily into existing Isilon clusters without disruption and without the need to perform manual data migration. This is another example of how organizations can continue to rely on Isilon innovation for their future unstructured data storage needs.

    Powered by the Isilon OneFS operating system, the Isilon F810 and other Isilon all-flash, hybrid and archive platforms can be combined into a single Isilon cluster that provides powerful advantages for modern IT environments. With Isilon OneFS and its extensive multi-protocol capabilities, organizations can consolidate data, eliminate inefficient storage silos, simplify management, and support a wide range of applications and workloads on a single storage platform. This also enables organizations to leverage powerful data analytics technologies to unlock the value of their data capital. To optimize storage resources and further lower costs, Isilon also offers automated storage tiering and cloud integration with a choice of public and private cloud storage providers.

    Isilon F810 All-Flash Data Reduction Guarantee
    Isilon storage systems are covered under the Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Program, giving customers additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfactionvi and investment protectionvii for future technology changesviii. Included in the program benefits, Dell EMC guarantees that for any new purchase of an Isilon F810, for a period of one year from the date of delivery, the Isilon F810 will provide logical usable capacity, including all data, equivalent to at least two times (2x) the usable physical capacityix.

    Dell EMC ClarityNow Provides Data Management for IT and Business Users
    New Dell EMC ClarityNow data management software is designed to help organizations efficiently manage their file-based workflows. ClarityNow is a highly complementary solution to Dell EMC Isilon and ECS, enabling a unified global file system view across heterogeneous distributed storage and the cloud. The software allows IT to gain better insights into enterprise file data usage and storage capacity, while also empowering end users and content owners with self-service capabilities to find, use and move files anywhere within the unified global file system. These powerful features can help unlock the value of data capital and accelerate business outcomes by offering flexibility for users to index and gain visibility into billions of files and folders that would otherwise be trapped in storage siloes based on their physical location.

    Dell EMC Isilon F810 and Dell EMC ClarityNow software are now available globally through Dell EMC and its authorized channel partner network.

    Analyst Quote:
    Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
    “In today’s data-driven economy, business success increasingly depends on how well a company maximizes the value of its data, especially its file data. To support demanding, next-generation file workloads, file storage must combine massive scalability, performance and efficiency. By offering the Isilon F810 NAS platform, Dell EMC is directly addressing the challenges of modern file storage demands, not only with its enormous capacity and all-flash performance, but also with its impressive efficiency that will serve to lower hardware storage costs.” 

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    i Data compression ratios will vary by dataset; 79.6 PB based on 144-node cluster.

    ii Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of similarly configured flash storage, Dec 2018.

    iii Effective capacity is based on an 80% storage utilization rate and a data compression ratio of 3:1. Actual storage utilization will vary by solution configuration and actual data compression ratio will vary by dataset.

    iv Data compression ratios will vary by dataset.

    v Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of similarly configured flash storage, Dec 2018.

    vi Customer must purchase a 3-year ProSupport agreement. Any refund would be prorated. Satisfaction is based on product compliance with product specifications.

    vii Subject to terms and conditions of Dell EMC trade-in program.

    viii TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. Valid only on direct purchases or through participating Channel Partners who offer reciprocal program benefits to their customers. See your Dell EMC sales representative or Channel Partner for details.

    ix Requires customer signature and purchase ProSupport with Mission Critical.