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    October 19, 2016

    New Dell EMC Analytics Solution Provides Business Insight to Drive Digital Transformation

    Streamlines Data Analytics and Cloud-Native App Development

    Story Highlights

    • New Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module (AIM) delivers all of the software, hardware and services necessary to stand up an environment for big data analytics and cloud native application development in just days
    • Promotes the creation of intelligent applications by providing one integrated solution for both cloud-native apps and big data analytics
    • Reduces the weeks and months data analysts spend finding, preparing and ingesting data for analysis to just hours or days
    • Delivers a self-service analytics experience while assuring security and corporate governance
    • Engineered solution is turnkey and fully maintained and supported by Dell EMC

    DELL EMC WORLD - AUSTIN, Texas - October 19, 2016 -

    Dell EMC™ today announced a turnkey analytics and application developer experience to accelerate digital transformation. The new Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module delivers all of the software, hardware and services necessary to stand up an environment for both big data analytics and cloud native application development in days rather than weeks. The Analytic Insights Module helps organizations derive actionable insights that can be easily integrated into intelligent applications while ensuring security and corporate governance. The Analytic Insights Module enables the rapid searching, gathering and analyzing of data sources within the enterprise or in the cloud. 

    Businesses are recognizing the power of data-driven applications to impact consumer behavior.  However, many organizations are struggling with how to extract business value from their data.  Data analysts typically spend up to 80% of their time preparing the data before they can focus on analytics. In addition, many corporate employees report having access to data they should not, resulting in major security risks. Analytic Insights Module from Dell EMC helps address these challenges.

    “With the Analytic Insights Module from Dell EMC, we have a solution that helps us quickly aggregate and analyze information across many patients so that we can develop new models that will help us predict how to best treat the next patient,” explained Jim Noga, CIO, Partners Healthcare.

    Analytic Insights Module accelerates the analytics cycle through key innovations, including its unique Data Curator, Data Governor and Data and Analytics Catalog. It also delivers a self-service experience for data analysts to provision their own workspaces for securely focusing on generating high business value insights in hours or days versus weeks or months.

    “A big benefit of the Analytic Insights Module is the speed with which we can get to the data.  What used to take days to analyze now we do sometimes in a matter of minutes,” said John Kenefick, CIO, Pechanga Casino & Resort.

    IT teams can define polices to ensure security and corporate governance across all users, apps, and data sources. Analytic Insights runs on Native Hybrid Cloud and includes Pivotal Cloud Foundry, making it easy to share data and analytic services with developers to create data-driven applications.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Partner for Success: Analytic Insights Module supports a partnership between the business and IT. It brings together business executives, data analysts, application developers and IT teams, providing each with the insights, data sources, tools and control they need.
    • Save Time: Enables analytics teams to recoup the time typically spent finding, cleansing, wrangling and preparing data for their analytics, thereby reducing up to 80% the time spent on this task, taking it from weeks or months to just hours or days. 
    • Guard Data Access: Data-centric security enables the business to define fine-grained data access policies that are applied to all users, all applications and across multiple data stores. These fine-grained policies are configurable down to the file, table, column, row, cell, or a part of a cell. 
    • Self-Service Analytics: Data analytics teams can stand up independent workspaces on-demand in just minutes without disrupting the enterprise infrastructure. Within their workspace they can search, evaluate and ingest data within their enterprise and the cloud; data access is governed by policies and teams can publish their work to the Data and Analytics Catalog.
    • Choice of Tools: Analytic Insights is an open platform that allows analytics teams to use their analytic and visualization tools of choice to reduce learning curves and enhance the quality and efficiency of their analysis.
    • Deliver Intelligent Applications: Insights surfaced by data analytics teams can be quickly integrated into cloud native applications to enhance business processes or deliver new products and services.
    • Transform Business: Analytic Insights Module accelerates the process for delivering data-driven applications. The speed at which organizations can move through the analytics cycle and deliver data driven, cloud native applications enhances their ability to create and sustain competitive advantage.  
    • Integrated Data Lake: A highly-scalable Data Lake that features multi-protocol file storage from Dell EMC Isilon and flexible object storage with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) removes the complexities associated with aggregating and accessing large amounts of disparate data.

    Dell EMC Services offers deployment services for Analytic Insights Module to develop and operationalize data analytics use cases. Many customers get started by leveraging the Big Data Vision Workshop consulting engagement, to help identify and prioritize the use cases that will drive the most business value.


    Dell EMC Analytic Insights Module will be generally available later this quarter.

    Industry Analyst Quote:

    Richard Villars, Vice President, Datacenter & Cloud, IDC
    “The ability to rapidly embed insights obtained from data analytics into fast evolving cloud native applications is a core requirement for organizations working to gain competitive advantage through digital transformation.  A turnkey developer and analytics platform like Dell EMC’s Analytic Insights Module will play a critical role in accelerating an organization’s ability to establish this as a core competency.”

    Dell EMC Executive Quote:

    Peter Cutts, Senior Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Converged Platforms and Solutions Division, Dell EMC Corporation
    “We developed Analytic Insights Module to enable customers to shift from developing and maintaining infrastructure to creating intelligent applications that transform their business.”

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