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    October 04, 2016

    New Dell EMC InfoArchive Solutions Provide Choice While Solving Accessibility and Compliance Challenges

    InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS), InfoArchive 4.1, and Clinical Archiving 2.0 Software Provide New Functionality for Enterprise and Healthcare Customers

    Story Highlights

      • New InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS) data and content management platform runs in the cloud to: ensure regulatory compliance, scale infrastructure to match business demands, and enable reuse of data for analytics projects
      • InfoArchive 4.1 software provides support for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) with greater accessibility by intelligent devices, analytics-ready storage and near-infinite scale, as well as synchronous ingestion and enhanced data export capabilities
      • New Clinical Archiving 2.0 software features include HIMVision user interface application designed for the health information management (HIM) department, as well as enhancements for the ArchiveVision clinician application, single-item archiving, and tools to configure and enforce patient privacy preferences

    Hopkinton, MA. - October 04, 2016 -

    Dell EMC™ Enterprise Content Division (ECD), a leader in the enterprise content management industry, today announced the introduction of Dell EMC InfoArchive™ as a Service (IAaaS), the newest addition to ECD’s roster of managed service solutions, as well as the general availability of Dell EMC InfoArchive™ 4.1 and Dell EMC Clinical Archiving™ 2.0 software.

    InfoArchive is the next-generation enterprise archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data – both structured and unstructured. It enables large-scale application retirement, optimization of production environments and facilitates application data integration and reuse – supporting new users, cloud applications and analytics. InfoArchive enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information – to comply with retention and compliance requirements – in an easily accessible unified archive.

    “We really take the time to listen to our customers’ challenges and incorporate them into our approach. Today’s announcement, and the growth and popularity of the InfoArchive family as a whole, is the direct result of that feedback,” said Andy Crowne, Vice President Industry Solutions & InfoArchive, Dell EMC.  “We believe that InfoArchive as a Service will amplify the benefits that customers have already come to expect, including accessibility and compliance. Customers now have a choice of deployment, as well as enhanced vertical use cases, making the InfoArchive family an unbeatable set of solutions for increasing operational efficiency and tapping into the power of data.”

    InfoArchive as a Service Enables Scalability, Compliance and Security

    IAaaS powers the cost-effective InfoArchive data and content management platform in cloud environments, saving the customer time, reducing cost, and simplifying software management. IAaaS further increases the strength of the Dell EMC InfoArchive offering, ingesting data and content from applications of all types into a hosted environment controlled by Dell EMC – consolidating all data types, providing secure access and ensuring consistent compliance.

    With data volumes growing exponentially and retention periods and rules increasing, organizations need an easily accessible and agile compliant data and content repository that can scale to meet their needs. IAaaS enables users to get the most from their data and content - such as exposing it to end-user portals or reusing it for analytics, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

    IAaaS is the latest addition in the comprehensive Dell EMC managed services group, which deploys and manages ECD technology and solutions on-premises or in the cloud. Dell EMC manages the entire software stack and infrastructure, leveraging the latest automation tools, security technologies and cloud options. Dell EMC provides several flexible “as a Service” options for how and where ECD technology or solutions are managed, including on-premises or hosted solutions.

    Newest Version of InfoArchive Gives Customers More Accessibility Options

    InfoArchive 4.1 software makes accessing and leveraging information easier than ever before. The archiving platform provides broad yet secure access to valuable information while simultaneously allowing information governance controls that enable companies to maintain compliance. As a result, providing access to information via InfoArchive poses much less risk than direct access to production or legacy applications.

    InfoAchive 4.1 software provides fully compatible and tested support for Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage™ (ECS), enabling greater accessibility by intelligent devices, as well as providing analytics-ready storage and near-infinite scale to match a customer’s requirements for preserving and reusing information.

    Synchronous ingestion functionality allows data and records to be instantly ingested upon completion, improving employee productivity by enabling knowledge workers to immediately access static data and content.

    The data export capabilities of InfoArchive software are also enhanced, offering greater flexibility for producing reports and content sets. Selected information can be displayed and exported in common formats, including PDF, CSV, XML, JSON or HTML.

    Clinical Archiving Powers Enhancements for Greater Accessibility, Flexibility and Control

    The HIMVision user interface application provided by Clinical Archiving 2.0 software supplies a view of patient’s archived data and the ability to add annotation information within the archive. HIMVision includes a “Release of Information” mechanism, allowing all or a part of a patient’s archived information to be exported or printed.

    ArchiveVision, the clinician user interface application within Clinical Archiving software offers two new perspectives that enhance the user experience. The snapshot perspective offers a simple and quick overview of medications, allergies, history, etc., while the timeline perspective presents the patient’s record in a chronological order.

    Clinical Archiving 2.0 software offers a means to configure and enforce the patient’s preferences for privacy. For example, the patient, whose records may contain sensitive information specific to an individual condition, may wish to set limits on which providers are allowed to view the patient’s psychiatric documents.

    Occasionally, a single document may need to be added to a patient’s archive. The single item archiving feature within Clinical Archiving software allows IT to do so without waiting for the next official archiving session, allowing for more accurate and timely recording of current patient progress.

    Customer Quote

    Martin Sizemore, Chief Data Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
    “We have used Dell EMC InfoArchive for clinical archiving and have been impressed with the results. In addition to experiencing even faster time to value than we expected, we have appreciated the compliance capabilities, which are critical in the healthcare industry. The new drag-and-drop interface, combined with enhanced compliance features, makes InfoArchive an even greater value to organizations like ours.”

    Partner Quotes

    Tim Nelms, Business Unit Manager, Archiving Division, Crawford Technologies
    “Regulated patient communications need to be immediately accessible to clinicians and patients alike. Dell EMC InfoArchive efficiently manages situations where compliance, access and responsiveness is required, and it is central to CrawfordTech’s strategy for delivering next-generation customer communications archiving solutions to customers.”

    George Florentine, Chief Technology Officer, Flatirons Solutions
    “Dell EMC InfoArchive provides powerful technology that enables Flatirons’ customers to meet demanding regulatory, governance, audit and reporting mandates. For healthcare providers in particular, Clinical Archiving 2.0 now lets them do much more than manage historical patient data with strong compliance capabilities; the solution provides multiple tools clinicians can use to access patients’ health information across systems in order to enhance patient care.”

    Dirk Bode, CEO, fme
    “Dell EMC InfoArchive makes accessing and leveraging information easier than ever before, providing greater access to helpful information by empowering our customers to distinguish between active content and static data. Our Dell EMC Certified Solution, migration-center, leverages InfoArchive to strategically organize, transform and move large volumes of documents, providing a cost-effective and scalable solution for our clients.”

    Douglas Vargo, Vice President, Information Management, Paragon Solutions, Inc.
    “Our clients in the Financial Services, Insurance and Life Science industries encounter a wide variety of compliance requirements, including retention, data encryption, electronic signature, time stamping and more. The new features in Dell EMC InfoArchive further simplify the management of information by providing greater access to data while enabling governance functions that allow organizations to assure compliance and monitoring of information.”

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    About Dell EMC InfoArchive

    Dell EMC InfoArchive is a unified enterprise archiving platform that stores related structured data and unstructured content in a single consolidated repository. It enables corporations to preserve the value of enterprise information in a single, compliant, and easily accessible unified archive. Supported by a robust partner ecosystem, including the InfoArchive Consortium, Dell EMC offers industry and horizontal solutions to address specific organizational requirements, such as Clinical Archiving. 

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