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    June 20, 2016

    VCE VxRail Appliances Customer Adoption Exceeds Expectations

    All-Flash VxRail Appliances Now Available And Offers Most Competitive $/GB

    Story Highlights

    • Customer adoption of VCE VxRail Appliance Family is exceeding expectations and is the only jointly engineered, simple and proven turnkey for VMware environments
    • In less than four months, VxRail Appliances have sold in more than 45 countries
      • Convergys can respond to business needs faster with VxRail Appliances and experience a 20 percent performance gain over existing approaches
      • Zetes Industries can deploy VMs in less then 6 minutes to drive innovation
      • Dimension Data shaves off up to an hour of time for set-up and shut-down at the end of each cycling race
      • AmerisourceBergen and proALPHA reduce complexity and gain agility to grow their businesses with VxRail Appliances
    • All-flash VxRail Appliances now generally available and include 2X more flash than the competition
    • VxRail Appliances with all-flash powered by VMware Virtual SAN are now less expensive per gigabyte than hybrid appliances

    Hopkinton, Mass - June 20, 2016 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced customer adoption of the VCE® VxRail™ Appliance is exceeding expectations.  VxRail Appliances are the only hyper-converged infrastructure appliances that are jointly engineered with VMware and are fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested for VMware environments. With sales in more than 45 countries in less than four months VxRail Appliances are delivering simplicity, scalability and automation at the right price point for small/midsize data centers and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.

    IT organizations in industries including finance, government and public sector, retail, technology, healthcare and manufacturing and distribution are choosing VxRail Appliances because of their:

    • VMware Integration – Jointly engineered by EMC and VMware for standardized ease-of-management
    • Consolidation with Scalability - Starts small and scales with single node upgrades; reduces data center footprint and CapEx
    • Industry-Leading Reliability – Jointly engineered and integrated by EMC and VMware with a single support number for end-to-end accountability
    • High-Performance - Flash Speed at Hybrid prices and free EMC RecoverPoint for VMs
    • Flexible Applications – Supports small/midsize data centers and for enterprise departmental and edge environments.

    Customers Using VxRail Appliances

    Ty Mallard, Vice President, IT Services, AmerisourceBergen
    “As our business grows, so has ITs responsibility.  When we deployed latency-sensitive applications to our remote offices, it was critical that the infrastructure behind it make scaling and management simple. By standardizing on VxRail Appliances, our infrastructure and environments were able to expand beyond the capabilities of conventional, centralized infrastructure yet require minimal support from IT."

    Jim Harris, Director of IT Infrastructure, Convergys
    “We chose the VxRail Appliance because it led every requirement that we tested against and provided us with a 20 percent performance gain over our existing approach. It lead the highest density of a single VM running on a node, it led the highest density for a node with multiple VMs as well as obviously led the highest density of a complete node versus the competition.”

    Tim Wade, Sports Practice Senior Director, Architecture Group, Dimension Data
    “The VxRail Appliances make sense for a compact mobile data center like the one Dimension Data built for cycling for several reasons. These appliances reduce complexity with network, compute and storage by being packaged together which in turn delivers more operational efficiency as we’re managing one view versus multiple. Now our set-up and shut-down process at the start and end of a race can be reduced by 20-minutes at each which can save us up to an hour of time.”

    Markus Gehm, IT-Service, proALPHA Business Solutions GmbH
    “What impressed us the most is the VxRail Appliance’s consolidation of all the management functions into a single console and the pre-configured choice it offered the company. Since our environment for key applications is virtualized with VMware, the VxRail Appliances easily allowed us to enhance our dynamic infrastructure to achieve additional efficiency gains we need to grow our business.”

    Sergio Soares, IT Manager, Zetes Industries
    “To remain an industry leader, we are constantly moving to achieve greater IT efficiency.  In order to consolidate our infrastructure and reduce time spent deploying virtual machines, our organization chose the VxRail Appliance. What was once an arduous procedure, is now streamlined and we are able to create and deploy new VMs in under six minutes each. That, combined with EMCs total support of the hardware and its software, allows us to focus on the needs of our business, not the needs of our infrastructure.”

    All-Flash VxRail Appliances Generally Available

    The mass adoption of flash is driven by the desire to run an increasing number of virtual workloads on fewer physical machines combined with the new economics of Flash storage. All-flash VxRail Appliances extend the industry’s broadest all-flash portfolio to hyper-converged use cases. EMC is now shipping a full range of all-flash VxRail Appliances that enable customers to modernize their data center and remote office deployments with as little as 3.8TB of flash to more than 76TB – over 2X more flash than any other hyper-converged appliance. Additionally customers can combine appliances to meet growing demands – a 64-node all-flash cluster that delivers 1,792 cores and 1,216 TB of raw storage, making it the industry’s most powerful HCIA to date, maximizing performance and scale for applications that demand low latency.

    Through the use of the latest 3-D or vertical NAND (3-D NAND) technologies and VMWare Virtual SAN 6.2, VxRail Appliances deliver much higher flash capacity than any other competitive offering at a lower price. VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 features an advanced performance optimization architecture that now adds data efficiency capabilities – deduplication, compression and erasure coding – for all-flash storage that delivers highly cost-efficient performance while optimizing the use of flash drives. As a result, VxRail Appliances all-flash configurations have reached the crossover point between flash and magnetic storage pricing and are offered at the same price per raw gigabyte as hybrid appliances.

    Analyst Quote

    Stu Miniman, Senior Analyst, Wikibon
    "Users in the Wikibon community have embraced hyper-converged infrastructure in order to simplify operations. EMC is leveraging its experience as the leader in converged infrastructure and go-to-market expertise to be successful in the hyper-converged infrastructure appliance market with the VCE VxRail Appliance Family. Early feedback from customers is that the functionality, flexibility and pricing of these hybrid and all-flash appliances are well positioned to address this rapidly maturing segment of the marketplace."

    EMC Executive Quote

    Chad Sakac, President, VCE, the Converged Platforms Division of EMC.
    “The incredible demand for the VxRail Appliance Family illustrates that organizations of all sizes in all industry sectors need a hyper-converged appliance that brings together the best of EMC and VMware in a single product family with one point of support that delivers simplicity and scalability at the right price. Clearly customers have been waiting for a hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that seamlessly integrates with VMware to extend and simplify their existing virtualized environments. With the general availability of the all-flash VxRail Appliances that offer unbelievably good economics EMC can address even more customer requirements.”

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