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    May 02, 2016

    EMC Unveils Suite of Intuitive Cloud Native Content Apps to Revolutionize ECM and Transform the Way People Engage with Content

    EMC LEAP Accelerates Digital Transformation and Offers Customers a Competitive Advantage

    Story Highlights

    • EMC® LEAP suite provides best source for purpose-built enterprise content apps that provide effortless engagement with content and solve digital business challenges.
    • EMC LEAP apps are designed to work with any content repository, but are engineered to work “better together” with the Documentum® family of products.
    • EMC is partnering with DocuSign® to enable digital enterprise workflows using DocuSign eSignature and DTM technology.
    • EMC announces LEAP Together Program including revolutionary, new customer loyalty benefit, providing free access to specific apps for existing Documentum customers.

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    EMC WORLD, LAS VEGAS - May 02, 2016 -

    EMC® Corporation’s (NYSE: EMC) Enterprise Content Division (ECD), a leader in enterprise content management (ECM), today announced EMC LEAP, a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps designed to revolutionize the content management industry and transform interactions with business content. Unlike other offerings in the market, EMC LEAP apps deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with the most intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.

    “Our goal with the EMC LEAP family is to humanize the experience of interacting with business content,” said Rohit Ghai, President of EMC’s Enterprise Content Division. “Beautiful, intuitive and purpose-built apps drive engagement, which has a ripple effect. Customer engagement drives loyalty; employee engagement improves productivity; and partner and supplier engagement fosters better collaboration across the value chain. This level of engagement enables superior customer service, greater agility and new business opportunities, and is a key marker of a successful digital business.”

    The EMC LEAP family will consist of both EMC and third-party content apps, a modular platform and a premier marketplace, powered by the industry’s richest and most-advanced set of content services. EMC LEAP apps are interoperable with existing content repositories, but engineered to work “better together” with the Documentum® family of content management products. Repository independence allows content to be managed in place – without customers having to migrate their content – unlike other solutions in the market.

    Today, EMC is introducing five apps focused on a variety of content management use cases, a new partner and customer success program, and a new partnership with DocuSign.

    LEAP Courier: Content Exchange without the Chaos

    LEAP Courier offers a new way to power business processes that depend on structured document exchange across organizational boundaries. It provides a consumer-grade user experience for secure and structured document exchange, validation and tracking. It is easily adaptable to different use cases, configurable in minutes without any additional development.

    LEAP Snap: Enterprise Capture for Everyone

    LEAP Snap delivers the power of enterprise-grade document capture to all business users by offering a delightful and easy-to-use experience. Its powerful Advanced Recognition automatically captures, categorizes and organizes documents and related document information in real-time, turning unstructured content into actionable digital business information. The solution is simple, enables users to spin up an environment in less than five minutes, and includes an innovative template design service to start the capture process without the need for any configuration or development.

    LEAP Concert: Collaborative Document Authoring with Control

    LEAP Concert enables the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment. Organizations can easily set up or import a working document to begin dividing up tasks on the project. LEAP Concert includes the ability to identify and assign work to be done on the document, and simple review workflows allow sections to be approved and completed, advancing the overall progress of the document. Project owners can protect existing content, only allowing users to modify the individual sections that have been assigned to them.

    LEAP Express: Anywhere, Anytime Access to Your Content

    LEAP Express is a lightweight app designed to easily browse, access, search and approve all content, no matter where it lives. Express supports multiple form factors including web, tablet and mobile, leveraging the latest design paradigms and security features such as touch ID. Repository independence enables a unified view of all documents and tasks, eliminating the need to jump across different, custom apps to effectively work with content.

    LEAP Focus: Optimized Document Viewing Designed for Mobile

    LEAP Focus dramatically improves the document consumption experience on mobile devices. It allows for fast, yet detailed reading and reviewing of business documents like sales contracts and agreements on the go. It eliminates the frustrating “pinch-to-zoom” experience by automatically reformatting the document based on selected font size for the device, and reduces the requirement to view documents on non-mobile devices.

    eSignature and Digital Transaction Management

    As part of its vision to provide customers with premier content apps, EMC is partnering with DocuSign, Inc. (DocuSign®). DocuSign is the global leader in eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM), essential technology for enabling digital enterprise workflows.

    “LEAP is a game-changing set of SaaS-based content applications that advance EMC’s vision for next-generation enterprise content solutions,” said Mark Register, SVP of Business Development and Channels at DocuSign. “We’re thrilled to have EMC join the DocuSign Global Trust Network to bring the power of DocuSign DTM and eSignature to EMC customers to help them solve critical digital challenges.”

    LEAP Together: Customer and Partner Success Programs

    LEAP Together is a comprehensive program designed to provide customers and partners with additional benefits and ensure faster time to value with their LEAP apps.

    For existing customers, EMC is offering a revolutionary Loyalty Tier, granting free access to its new LEAP suite of apps. Designed to reward EMC customers for their continuing loyalty to the Documentum family of products, this new program will enable all current, maintenance-paying customers to immediately access and begin using relevant EMC LEAP apps free of charge in the Loyalty Tier. Customers will also enjoy superior customer support with dedicated LEAP Customer Success Managers, who will help deploy and ensure apps are running smoothly in their infrastructure.

    EMC is also expanding support for its robust and vibrant partner community by launching a new SaaS Solution Provider Track within the ECD Business Partner Program. By establishing a SaaS specialty, ECD is providing approved partners with specific benefits and requirements that are aligned with the SaaS sales motion. In addition, partners will receive compelling financial incentives to drive rapid adoption of the SaaS program and new sales of the LEAP apps. As new apps become generally available, partners will have the opportunity to resell apps and services, with additional program features to be launched later this year.

    Pricing and Availability

    LEAP Courier and LEAP Snap are available to a limited number of customers today and will be generally available in June. LEAP Concert, LEAP Express, and LEAP Focus are in active recruitment for beta customers this quarter with general availability in the second half of 2016. All LEAP solutions are available on pay-per-use subscription basis and use value-based pricing. Through the LEAP Together Program and Loyalty Tier, existing customers will get free access to equivalent apps (see above for more information).

    Customer Quote(s):

    Jamaluddin Kokan, Senior Technology Architect, InfoSys
    “I’m impressed with how intuitive the EMC LEAP apps are, and how easily they can be configured in a matter of minutes for different use cases. The EMC offerings have the look and feel of consumer apps, are simple to implement, and will allow all of our clients to easily and quickly engage with content.”

    Analyst Quotes:

    EMC LEAP [formerly Project Horizon] “embodies the most innovation in terms of content that we've seen from EMC in years,” wrote Craig Le Clair and Cheryl McKinnon of Forrester Research.*

    Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC: “The nature of work is changing. Businesses need to collaborate digitally with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees – in real time, from any device. This requires intuitive, cloud-based apps that let them easily co-create, contribute, and share information – and coordinate efforts. Collaboration is also a vital part of business processes, and enterprises can lose critical context when collaboration is disconnected from the business focus. It requires fundamentally reimagining content collaboration. EMC’s LEAP suite makes that LEAP.”

    Partner Quotes:

    Scott Schaftlein, Managing Director, Accenture Interactive: “When we’re consulting with organizations on digital transformation, adoption and speed to market are key C-level concerns. We’re excited to see EMC LEAP bring a new level of innovation for EMC, as we believe a relentless focus on intuitive, modular solutions will drive faster speed to market and enable better adoption of new, digital capabilities.”

    Michael Woodbridge, ECM Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini UK: “We’re a trusted advisor in our customers’ digital transformation journey. Frequently, customers struggle with content silos and harvesting knowledge out of their content, which represents the largest amount of data within organizations today. EMC’s LEAP family provides organizations with applications that fit into a modern digital workplace backed by rigorous, industrial-grade content management.”

    Mario Duckett, Vice President of Enterprise Content Solutions, MetaSource: “EMC’s LEAP suite offers a set of easy-to-use content apps and services in a platform that is solving complex business problems, yet also opens up new opportunities for the SMB space. We’ve been a successful SaaS and Captiva® provider for many years, and we’re excited to see how customers will leverage Snap, which packs the power of enterprise-grade capture into a simple app that any casual business worker can use.”

    Erik Raper, Senior Vice President, Paragon Solutions, Inc.: “EMC’s new collection of content-centric apps underscores its appreciation of domain-centric solutions. EMC LEAP extends the value of Documentum to enable digital transformation and bring customers high-quality, industry-specific solutions, in a simplified app experience.”

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