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    November 04, 2015

    RSA Archer GRC Inspires Everyone to Own Risk Within the Enterprise

    Enhanced Capabilities of RSA Archer® GRC Designed to Empower Business Users to Help Manage Risk

    Story Highlights

    • New RSA Archer Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Platform features are engineered to enable greater business agility and speed through decentralized, enterprise-wide risk management
    • RSA Archer GRC solutions are designed to offer an enhanced user experience with a simpler but more powerful user interface and advanced workflow capabilities
    • New capabilities in RSA Archer Operational Risk Management solution help allow organizations to better identify, assess, respond, and monitor existing and emerging risks

    RSA CONFERENCE – ABU DHABI, UAE - November 04, 2015 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE:EMC), today announced new RSA Archer® GRC offerings, enhancing the user experience for all RSA Archer solutions. New features are engineered to include a walk-up friendly, task-driven user interface and drag-and-drop advanced workflow capabilities to make risk management easy and effective for all “three lines of defense” – business users, risk managers, and the audit team. Additionally, new features have been added to RSA Archer Operational Risk Management to help streamline how organizations identify, assess, respond, and monitor existing and emerging risks.

    Inspires Everyone to Own Risk Within the Enterprise

    Given the increasing volume of risk and the velocity at which it continues to emerge, business units must increasingly act as the first line of defense for risk management and be more directly involved in the identification, assessment and remediation of risk. Since they have the best knowledge of what is going on within their business unit, business unit managers can more easily identify changes in the risk environment and their impact on the business. However, this requires intuitive technology that allows business managers to quickly view, assess and understand risks, metric warnings and loss events to respond rapidly and intelligently. RSA Archer GRC’s new task-driven interface is designed to offer a tailored user experience for this first line of defense, helping business unit users to prioritize and focus on the tasks with greatest impact on business priorities and due dates.

    New advanced configuration options also are engineered to allow business unit managers to view a history of their risk activity, configure key reports, and customize action buttons to quickly access specific risk-related actions from a single dashboard.

    Align Risks to Business Objectives & Fuel Growth

    Trying to get a clear risk picture across an organization is very challenging. RSA Archer Operational Risk Management is designed to provide a holistic risk vantage point, with business context tracked across risk use cases. Now, business units can inventory and map the business entities, assets, products, services, and processes that have the highest impact on the bottom line, and use the RSA Archer solution as an end-to-end risk management framework to help identify, assess, treat, and monitor existing and emerging operational risks. RSA Archer GRC’s new advanced workflow capabilities also are built to enable risk managers and business unit managers to quickly adjust risk management processes without touching a line of code,. additionally creating cost and time saving opportunities.

    Additionally, RSA Archer Operational Risk Management now is designed to make it easier for risk managers to manage assessment campaigns, track metrics and loss events, and report on risk with thousands of out-of-the-box reports, risk analytics, dashboards and an ad hoc reporting tool. This helps provide business units and risk managers with a thorough understanding of the risk environment, and enables more effective communication of the potential impact risk could have on the business – both good and bad – to executive management. By proactively linking risk management to business objectives, risk can be harnessed and become a new source of competitive advantage.

    Features and functionality delivered in the latest RSA Archer GRC offerings will be available only for new, on-premises installations on November 10, 2015.

    Executive Quote:

    Grant Geyer, Senior Vice President of Products, RSA

    “Risk is no longer just the responsibility of executives. To keep up with the uncertainty and complexity triggered by rapid changes in business today, organizations are decentralizing risk management to put it as close as possible to the risk itself. As front line employees are being asked to contribute more towards risk management, we have focused heavily on usability in the new RSA Archer 6.0 platform. By tailoring the user experience, RSA Archer GRC is engineered to give business users and risk managers a common communication framework and the ability to more easily leverage comprehensive data to detect, assess and respond to known and emerging risks."

    Partner Quote:

    Raddad Ayoub, Partner and Risk Transformation Leader, EY

    “The risk horizon in MENA is changing rapidly, multiple segregated views over risks and opportunities are no longer useful, as they can cause organizations to lose track of real risk and performance indicators. And with an abundance of technology solutions available in the market, implementation without a clear unified strategy will also prove detrimental, increasing noise and reducing visibility. The largest challenge we foresee today is how well equipped organizations are to collect and assimilate data, and translate that into relevant information, that can in turn be used to hunt for real flashing red lights. Decision makers are measured by their ability to digest the immense volumes of information into insights, identifying first-movers advantages, while avoiding challenges that may have severe repercussions to their own organizations.

    Organizations need to enable their lines of defense with a uniform structure and enable technology that looks at all traditional aspects of risk management, and capitalize on emerging analytical and dynamic visualization capability. This should be with two clear goals in mind: One, aligning the entirety of their Risk Management Operations to be clearly in line with business strategy; two, leverage the aggregation of the various risk function capabilities with information to Detect, Hunt and Respond to the risks and opportunities that really do matter to the organization.”

    Peter Ridgley, President, Verterim, Inc.

    “At Verterim, the core of our company is about transformation. We are transforming the way GRC programs and projects are delivered. Our namesake is derived from the Latin word Vertere, meaning to turn or bend. Our relationship with RSA has taken several turns and bends and ultimately has positioned Verterim as a leading provider of RSA Archer products and services. RSA continues to innovate on the market leading GRC platform by simplifying the execution of GRC solutions in an intuitive and improved user interface.

    RSA Archer solution is turning a new corner with GRC and the new release of RSA Archer technology, version 6.0. As an early adopter we have had the opportunity to experience the new interface and some very exciting new features, the most notable of which for us is the newly developed workflow. This new feature is an easy to use interface to create workflows that are tailored to business specific processes while providing intuitive visualization. The combination of the workflow and other 6.0 enhancements will enable companies to more easily achieve their goals of integrated GRC.”

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