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    June 05, 2015

    Global IT Leader EMC Credits Strong EMEA Performance To Its People As It Picks Up European Best Workplace Award

    5th - June 05, 2015 -

    Multinational IT and business transformation company EMC has been recognised as one of Europe’s Best Workplaces in the 2015 awards announced by the Great Place to Work® Institute at a gala dinner in Luxembourg. EMC ranked an impressive second out of a field of 25 multinationals, due to the success of its operations in 12 national Best Workplace rankings across Europe. EMC’s performance in these prestigious employer rankings has improved every year since it placed 19th in 2012.

    EMC’s fast-growing strength and recognition as an employer of choice is reflected in its trading performance. Revenues for the company across EMEA, of which the European countries are a significant part, grew by 6% year-on-year in 2014. Part of EMC’s strategy for building and sustaining growth is a recognition that, as well as technology and innovation, is key to their performance is its people. The European Best Workplace award recognises the strength and quality of EMC’s people across 12 European countries, from its senior leadership who set the strategy and direction and the values of the business, to the employees on the front line.

    Additional Quotes:

    Adrian McDonald, EMEA President, EMC
    “A key factor of EMC’s success is our focus on building our strength as an employer and creating the kind of workplace that attracts and retains the best talent, talent which focuses on meeting customers’ needs by helping them optimise their existing infrastructures and build new ones. I believe that any business, even an IT one, is a ‘people’ business and any company that doesn’t spend as much effort on its people as it does its products or service is at a disadvantage. Couple that with a highly competitive and changing industry like ours and you can see that superior technology and innovation can be undermined by a poor working environment and a less than superior workforce.”

    Ingrid Olsen, VP HR EMEA, EMC
    “The work we’ve done through the Best Workplaces Programme has shown us that we can never be complacent or take our people for granted. We invest in them in the same way we do our products and services. We believe the results – both these awards and our financial performance – speak for themselves.”

    Bob Lee, EMEA Communications Director, Great Place to Work®
    “Saying ‘people are our greatest asset’ is seen as such a cliché but at Great Place to Work® we know only too well just how critical people are to the success of any business.  From the leaders who set the strategy and direction and establish the values that determine the heart and soul of the business to the employees who ultimately deliver the organisation’s goals – they are all links in a chain. It doesn’t take much imagination to see what can happen if any of those links are weak or broken. The EMC chain grows from strength to strength. It’s gratifying to see how that translates not only into positive, committed employees but into performance. EMC leads the world not only in global technology, but in how they treat their employees. EMC is truly a ‘People Company.”

    Notes to editors

    EMC qualifying countries in 2015 European Best Workplace Awards and their national rank:
    Austria 5
    Denmark 22
    France 14
    Germany 26
    Ireland 4
    Italy 3
    Netherlands 12
    Poland 4
    Spain 1
    Switzerland 4
    Turkey 4
    UK 19

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    About the Best Workplace awards

    The Best Workplaces Programme and its awards are the benchmark for organisations seeking official recognition for their workplaces, workplaces which have cultures of high trust and engagement which translate into a strong customer focus, high individual and organisational performance and competitive advantage. Recognition as a Best Workplace is highly sought after for the value it adds to an organisation’s employer brand, making it easier to attract and retain talent, talent which is committed to achieving the organisation’s goals.

    About Great Place to Work®

    Great Place to Work® Institute is the world's largest research and management consultancy specialising in helping organisations build high trust, high engagement workplaces. Every year Great Place to Work® surveys some 6,000 organisations around the world representing around 10 million employees. This gives unrivalled insight into what organisations across all sectors and cultures do that create engaged workforces and the issues and challenges they face along the way.

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