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    May 20, 2015

    EMC Delivers Annual Sustainability Report Redefine the Future

    Story Highlights

    • The 2014 EMC Sustainability Report is now available, highlighting commitments, successes and challenges.
    • The report showcases progress on mid-term and long-term goals.
    • Seven detailed reports provide a deeper dive into how different business functions are acting on EMC’s sustainability strategy.

    HOPKINTON, Mass - May 20, 2015 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced the availability of its 2014 Sustainability Report, “Redefine the Future.” The report sheds light on the company's sustainability performance, underscores and explains areas of priority and how EMC approaches them, and showcases how the work done by employees every day is relevant to the world.

    EMC is redefining the future through its business approach, a sustainability-minded model built for today's ever-changing and resource-dependent world. The company's goal is to focus on the areas where it has the greatest potential to create positive change, and to hold itself accountable by measuring and reporting progress, maintaining open and candid communication with internal and external stakeholders, and collaborating with peer companies. This year's report highlights EMC's commitment to become a more sustainable business and create a more sustainable future.

    Watch Kathrin Winkler, CSO at EMC and learn more about EMC's global sustainability programs


    This year's report emphasizes EMC's sustainability principles and is centered on the most material sustainability factors for the company, stakeholders, and the IT industry as a whole. Highlights from the report include:

    • Progress on Goals – Updates on how the company is progressing on both mid-term (2020) and long-term (2050) goals.
    • Detailed Reports – Seven detailed reports describing how the company is building sustainability into the way it works. Reports include: people & workforce, operations, products, supply chain, governance, customers, and communities.
    • Customer Engagement – To celebrate EMC's customer-centric culture, offices around the world welcomed customers and employees to participate in Total Customer Experience Day.
    • SMaRT Library – In 2014, EMC launched the Supply Chain Sustainability Management and Resource Training (SMaRT) library, which provides training modules, case studies, and other resources to help suppliers address social and environmental responsibility issues.
    • eWaste – 100% of IT Asset Disposal vendors that receive EMC equipment at the end of its useful life are certified to R2 or e-Stewards standards for responsible recycling.
    • Implicit Bias Training – More than 500 EMC managers participated in sessions focused on recognizing implicit biases and their impact on the workplace.
    • Role of IT in Society – EMC architects and data scientists are applying their skills to enhance the information being collected on bird migration and the effects of climate change on these patterns.
    • Global Impact Corps – In 2014, EMC launched Global Impact Corps, allowing EMC employees to use their professional skills and expertise to build capacity in NGOs around the world.


    David Goulden, CEO, EMC Information Infrastructure

    “At EMC, we are redefining the future through a sustainability-minded model to focus on areas where we have the potential to create positive change. This includes delivering sustainable and responsible products, helping customers maximize the value of data, and inspiring our employees to use their skills. By capitalizing on our greatest assets – our innovative employees and our industry-leading technologies – we can create value for our customers, partners, shareholders, the planet and society.”

    Kathrin Winkler, SVP and Chief Sustainability Officer, EMC

    “Companies are responsible for more than a healthy financial bottom line; they also are expected to contribute to a healthy global economy, environment, and society. EMC's 2014 Sustainability Report is our opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made and reflect on areas of opportunity during the past year. Our goal is to convey the extent to which employees throughout EMC have embraced environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable outcomes in their daily work.”

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