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    April 30, 2015

    EMC Syncplicity Boosts Productivity with Outlook Email Add In

    New Syncplicity Microsoft integrations simplify emailing of large attachments and enable working with Microsoft Office apps on iOS

    Story Highlights

    • The Syncplicity Add-in for Outlook enables business users to securely and easily send files and folders of any size directly from Microsoft Outlook, without changing the way they work.
    • The Syncplicity Add-in for Outlook drives business productivity while reducing storage infrastructure costs dramatically.
    • The new Syncplicity app for iOS now works with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iOS.

    HOPKINTON, MASS - April 30, 2015 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced that the EMC® Syncplicity Add-in for Outlook,will be generally available on May 31, 2015, allowing users to securely and easily send files and folders of any size directly from Outlook without changing the way they work. The Add-in drivesbusiness value by allowing users to collaborate with large files using email, which has previously been challenging at best. It also empowers organizations to dramatically reduce theinfrastructure costs associated with email attachments.

    IT departments can now choose to deploy the Add-In for all of their Syncplicity users or on a group-by-group basis. Similarly, IT can configure Outlook Add-in policies, such as linkexpiration, password protection, and file-level rights management for different user groups, depending on content security and collaboration requirements. This group-based functionality makesSyncplicity the most flexible and secure enterprise file sync and share solution for sending large files that is deployable and manageable at scale.

    Key benefits and features:

    • Enhances productivity by allowing files and folder of any size to be sent without any restrictions
    • Simplifies management with granular group-based policies based on sensitivity of content (e.g.: marketing, M&A, legal, etc.)
    • Reduces storage costs dramatically by eliminating storage overhead and removing multiple copies of the same file
    • Increases security over internally and externally shared files with password protected links, link expiration and rights management controls

    In addition to the Outlook Add-in, Syncplicity announced that the Syncplicity iOS app will integrate with the Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps for iOS towards the end of May 2015. This integration allows users to access Syncplicity files from within Microsoft Officeapps and save them back into Syncplicity. IT administrators can still use “open-in” restriction policies at group level to prevent any data leakage from Syncplicity’s securecontainer.

    This news comes in advance of EMCWorld 2015, where Syncplicity will be showcasing its technology and participating in showsessions on-stage

    EMC Syncplicity is the only enterprise file sync and share product that delivers on the benefits of increased business productivity, lower storage cost and higher data security and control.Ease of deployment, simplified management and usability are foundational to these benefits.


    “EMC Syncplicity is passionate about making employees more productive everywhere they work, and our new Outlook Add-in is another example of how we’re innovating to do justthat,” said EMC Syncplicity General Manager Jeetu Patel. “This new feature removes a massive pain point for business users, helps reduce the infrastructure costs typically created bylarge email attachments, and gives organizations more security and control of content, wherever it lives, and wherever it is sent.”

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