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    July 21, 2014

    RSA Web Threat Detection Adds Enhanced Visibility Analytics Takes on Mobile Fraud

    Story Highlights

    • Leveraging Big Data analytics, RSA® Web Threat Detection is designed to enable both security and fraud teams to visualize and analyze millions of user web sessions to help identify cybercrime threats, business logic abuse, and fraudulent activities – all in real time.
    • With mobile transactions growing more than 50% in the last year, visibility into native mobile application traffic provides an added layer of security to help thwart this fast-growing frontier of attacks.
    • New analyst dashboard is engineered to enable organizations to isolate cyber criminal activity from legitimate online customers quickly.
    • The latest release of RSA Web Threat Detection continues RSA's mission to deliver Intelligence Driven Security solutions to help organizations combat today's threats.

    RSA Conference Asia Pacific & Japan - July 21, 2014 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC, today announced the latest version of RSA Web Threat Detection designed to provide enterprises with end-to-end visibility into web sessions to help mitigate risks associated with consumer-facing websites including cybercrime activity and business logic abuse. RSA Web Threat Detection goes beyond the capabilities of traditional tools to help organizations identify a virtually limitless range of online threats in real time – from precursors of fraud to actual fraudulent activities. The latest version is built to offer enhanced real-time visibility into web session activities, new mobile traffic monitoring capabilities and additional detection measures across the entire online user lifecycle to help enterprises gain greater insight into the online threat environment to more accurately detect active threats. Adding web session intelligence to an organization's overall security operations provides a unified strategy for defense in a hyper-connected world.

    Enhanced Visibility & Big Data Threat Correlation

    RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to add enhanced data visibility and analytics that helps enable both security and fraud teams to visualize and analyze millions of user web sessions to help identify cybercrime threats, business logic abuse, and fraudulent activities – all in real time. Streaming web session transactions and analytics help enable powerful integration into other Big Data initiatives for improved cross-channel analysis and deeper understanding of online threats targeting end users, the organization's brand or the enterprise itself. By correlating web intelligence into other security analytic platforms, organizations can identify, prioritize and mitigate threats with greater ease and clarity.

    RSA Web Threat Detection adds real-time threat groups that leverage Big Data to link potentially threatening users and IP addresses based on similar abnormal behavior to enhance threat detection of transactions and/or users associated with known malicious online activity. Organizations can quickly perform searches to identify web sessions that are a part of a threat group that may require deeper investigation. Once an attack is identified, RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to group and detect any similar attack types automatically. Moreover, enhanced insight into a profile's history, including current and former user or IP address behavior, allows organizations to spot anomalous activity on an individual basis quickly – allowing administrators to take appropriate action.

    The Rise of Mobile Fraud

    As the mobile channel continues to grow in popularity, it also becomes an attractive vehicle for fraudsters to exploit. According to statistics collected by RSA's Office of the CTO, in 2013 27% of all transactions originated from mobile devices – an increase of nearly 54% year-over-year. More alarming, nearly 32% of all fraudulent transactions recorded by RSA originated from mobile devices in the first half of 2014. As a result, RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to add in new capabilities to provide visibility into mobile application traffic allowing organizations to create specific rules to help identify and mitigate mobile threats. By correlating user activity across mobile and traditional web channels in real-time, organizations can increase threat detection accuracy and keep pace with the growing demand, usage and enhanced risks this ever-growing channel presents.

    Finding the Needle in the Haystack

    A refined user interface improves the time to value and reduces overall incident investigation time. The new Analyst Summary Dashboard is designed to streamline investigations. Acting as a one-stop shop, the dashboard helps analysts to decide if deeper investigation may be needed.

    With so much daily activity happening on websites and portals, it can be nearly impossible to separate criminal activity from that of legitimate customers. However, criminals do act differently and leave tell-tale signs behind in the web session. By bringing real-time Risk Indicators, Threat Scores and historical session data front and center in one view for analysts, the RSA Web Threat Detection dashboard is built to enable the rapid detection of threats in real time. Visualized web intelligence shines a spotlight on the “needle in the haystack,” even if an analyst isn't sure what “the needle” looks like.

    RSA Web Threat Detection is designed to provide total visibility into a web or mobile session, translating click stream data into actionable intelligence that helps enable organizations to distinguish between legitimate and criminal behavior in real time, and help stop threats quickly before they escalate. Protecting over $200 billion in transactions annually, the real-time threat detection and forensic fraud analysis capabilities of the RSA Web Threat Detection solution is the cornerstone of cross-channel fraud-monitoring and security programs at many large global organizations. Adding web session intelligence and threat detection into an organization's security operations center helps allow for faster identification and correlation of threats across the entire enterprise.

    Analyst Quote:

    Michael Versace, Global Research Director, IDC Financial Insights

    “Many consumer-facing websites and mobile apps are targeted by cybercriminals as a first step to launch a broader attack on financial institutions and other high-value targets. To help mitigate these risks, organizations need to lock down these channels to shore up their overall cyber defenses. Having in-depth visibility into what’s occurring on their entire digital user lifecycle, including pre- and post-login activity, will help organizations protect both their customers and their brand from the impacts of cyber fraud.”

    Executive Quote:

    Grant Geyer, Vice President, RSA Security Analytics

    “With the proliferation of threats focused on the web portal and mobile channels, organizations need end-to-end visibility into what is occurring to protect their customers and brand. RSA Web Threat Detection is engineered to provide this visibility by analyzing click stream data during web and mobile web sessions, translating it into actionable intelligence to help organizations distinguish between legitimate and disruptive use. By providing a complete look into online behavior before, during and after authentication, organizations can detect anomalies in order to effectively mitigate fraud, business logic abuse and other malicious activity in real-time while also strengthening their overall security operations.”


    The latest version of RSA Web Threat Detection will be generally available in Q3 2014.

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