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    June 05, 2013

    RSA Eyes Singapore Talent to Accelerate Cyber Security Skills Training

    Residency Program Will Place Singaporean Candidates for Training Rotations at RSA’s World-Class Security and Cybercrime Center in Israel

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    • RSA today announced its intent to enter into multi-year agreement with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) in an effort to train Singaporean candidates for careers in cyber security and combating online fraud.
    • Select candidates will be enrolled in one- or two-year residency training rotations at the RSA® Anti-Fraud Command Center in Israel through a new grant program administered by the Singapore EDB.
    • Qualified residency candidates will return to Singapore and be eligible for placement in cyber security or anti-fraud analyst positions at RSA or within the cyber security industry in Singapore.

    RSA CONFERENCE 2013 SINGAPORE - June 05, 2013 -

    Seeking innovative ways to combat escalating cybercriminal activity and advanced cyber threats targeting public and private sector organizations, RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC) has announced its intent to enter into a multi-year agreement with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) to help accelerate training and workforce development for a new generation of Singaporean cyber security professionals.

    In response to the global shortage of qualified cyber security professionals needed to help defend critical IT infrastructures in civilian and government organizations, RSA and the Singapore EDB will seek qualified graduates from Singapore universities and existing cyber security professionals to take part in a multi-year residency and repatriation program designed to train candidates with the latest skills needed for cyber security and anti-fraud careers.

    The residency training program will be administered by the Singapore EDB in cooperation with RSA, to bring qualified candidates to RSA’s world-class cyber security and RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) located outside Tel Aviv, Israel. This training initiative is part of EDB’s Strategic Attachment and Training (STRAT) Programme, which aims to build up Singapore's manpower capabilities in strategic areas and sectors through overseas training and attachment with leading companies.

    The program also builds on RSA’s own multi-pronged efforts around the world to help actively develop skilled cyber security professionals through its RSA Conferences, academic alliances with educational institutions, such as Purdue University, cyber security certification offerings through RSA Education Services as well as a new advanced cyber defense training curriculum that will be offered later this year in cooperation with the U.S. Government.

    The RSA AFCC operated at facilities in Israel and the United States, is a 24x7 services operation staffed by expertly trained cyber security professionals and fraud analysts who work to detect, track, block and shut down phishing, pharming and mobile-app based attacks perpetrated by online criminals. The RSA AFCC leverages relationships with more than 13,000 web hosting service providers, leading browser developers and ISPs to help ensure the fastest blocking and shut down of phishing sites. To date the RSA FraudAction service has shut down more than 800,000 online attacks globally.

    Singapore residency candidates will take part in one- or two-year training rotational programs working alongside RSA cyber security professionals and anti-fraud research analysts to gain advanced skills required to fight cybercrime and advanced cyber threats in areas such as:

    • Phishing, pharming and Trojan attack detection, analysis and shutdown
    • Ecommerce and online banking fraud
    • Security management and monitoring
    • Breach preparedness and incident response
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance

    RSA will open the application process for the cyber security residency program in Q3 2013.

    Singapore Economic Development Board Official Quote:

    Mr. Gian Yi-Hsen, Director of Safety & Security Industry Programme Office (SSIPO)

    "The Safety & Security Industry Programme Office is focused on developing and strengthening the local and global talent pool to meet the global demand for cyber security professionals. The training done by RSA is strongly aligned with our talent development objectives and we are very glad to collaborate together with them. Such a collaboration would lead to the creation of good jobs for Singaporeans and creates a readily available talent pool for companies to tap when they setup operations in Singapore."

    Executive Quote:

    Vincent Goh, Vice President of Asia-Pacific and Japan, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

    "The economic well-being of developed nations depends on the safety and security of its online commerce, communication and critical information infrastructures. While the threats continue to grow in both number and complexity, there is a global shortage of qualified professionals with the skills required to help defend citizens, business and government from cybercrime and cyber espionage. This collaboration is an excellent step forward to help in the broader efforts of the Singapore EDB to develop a new generation of Singaporean cyber security professionals."

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