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    June 05, 2013

    RSA Enlists Real Time Big Data Analytics to Help Fight Malicious Online Activity

    RSA Silver Tail Introduces Big Data Visualization and Click-by-Click Threat Scoring; Combats Web Session Fraud, Security Threats and Business Logic Abuse

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    • RSA today announced the availability of the RSA Silver Tail® 4.0 web threat detection solution.
    • The first release since the acquisition of Silver Tail in October 2012, this latest iteration is engineered to leverage the power of Big Data to help security and fraud teams visualize and quickly analyze millions of user web-session activities to identify fraud, security threats and business logic abuse in real-time.
    • The new intelligent user interface was designed to provide security and fraud teams with consumable information when and how they need it, allowing for much quicker identification of anomalous traffic patterns and behaviors.
    • Building on its innovative heritage, RSA Silver Tail sets a new standard for web threat detection tools by helping banking, e-commerce and government organizations separate regular customer web sessions from potentially malicious criminal activity, significantly reducing costs associated with online fraud, security threats and other disruptions.

    BEDFORD, MA. - June 05, 2013 -

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today introduced the next iteration of RSA Silver Tail web threat detection solution designed to help organizations better visualize website activity in order to identify normal behavior from that of the potentially malicious. With the ability to quickly separate the activities of friend from foe, security and fraud teams can investigate and mitigate web session and mobile applications threats in real time.

    Designed to ensure that organizations have the tools to identify more threats faster and investigate them much more efficiently, the RSA Silver Tail solution adds new one-click incident management capabilities and an intelligent user interface to help organizations gain better visibility into activities on their website across millions of concurrent user web sessions. Additionally, with Streaming Analytics and click-by-click threat scoring, RSA Silver Tail 4.0 technology is built to leverage the power of Big Data to identify threats, malicious traffic and revealing behavior trends that could not otherwise be detected by analyzing the details of web session logs alone. As a result, organizations may be able to experience a reduction in both direct and indirect costs associated with fraud, security and other disruptive uses of websites including account takeover, password guessing, distributed denial-of-service, site scraping and business logic abuses such as exploitation of shopping cart functionality or online rebates.

    The new features of the RSA Silver Tail solution include:

    • Streaming Analytics –RSA Silver Tail technology is designed to offer click-by-click threat scoring that supports more intelligent, risk-based behavioral threat discovery and results in faster detection and mitigation of web threats. Streaming Analytics is engineered to employ proprietary in-memory analytics technology for real-time detection of the latest generation of complex attacks on web sites.
    • Incidents Functionality – Designed to both allow for faster and easier threat detection and provide additional context to help teams understand the causes of the threat for a more efficient investigation.
    • Intelligent User Interface – Built to adapt to the way security and fraud teams work. The new UI is designed to bring in Big Data visualization capabilities that include highly interactive features to help simplify and prioritize threat detection and investigation. Prioritized lists of suspicious IPs, users, web page and web session data helps allows investigators to quickly identify and investigate threats.

    RSA Silver Tail technology is a key component of the RSA anti-fraud and enterprise security portfolio. Using a Big Data-driven approach, the RSA Silver Tail solution is designed to gather and analyze massive amounts of real-time data to detect anomalies, IT security threats, fraud, business logic abuse and other malicious activity.  By translating clickstream details into web session intelligence, it is engineered to provide organizations with the visibility to help identify the crucial difference between customer activity and criminal activity happening on ecommerce web sites, e-government portals and online banking web sites.

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    RSA Silver Tail 4.0 web threat detection solution is now generally available.

    Customer Quote:

    Robert Capps, Sr. Manager of Trust and Safety, StubHub

    "We're looking forward to the new user interface with great visualizations and one-click investigation capabilities. By understanding how people typically use our site, we identify trends that are out-of-pattern and suspicious. All of this helps us protect our fans and our business."

    Analyst Quote:

    Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

    “Websites can be highly vulnerable to a wide range of complex attacks and disruptive activities and all too often investigators lack the insight and tools to identify and understand threats quickly in order to take correction actions and minimize potential damage.  RSA Silver Tail highly-intelligent real-time Big Data analytics provide a deep level of visibility into each web session so analysts can better identify, understand and mitigate threats in a timely manner.”

    Executive Quote:

    Tim Eades, Engineering and Product Management Leader, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

    “RSA Silver Tail 4.0 technology combines the intuitive visualization of Big Data and the click-by-click real-time insight of streaming analytics, raising the bar for web threat detection. The RSA Silver Tail solution can take a massive amount of web session data and present it in a way that helps teams prioritize and facilitate incident investigations – leading to the identification and resolution of many more threats in much less time and with significantly less resources.”

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