• Press Release

    March 26, 2013

    American University of Kuwait Transforms IT Infrastructure with EMC

    University Improves Storage Utilization by 400% and Performance by 50% at No Additional Cost with EMC

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - March 26, 2013 -

    EMC today announced that the American University of Kuwait (AUK) has selected EMC® and VMware virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies to transform its IT infrastructure and help effectively manage its mission-critical applications, including Microsoft Exchange 2010, Oracle, Luminis Portal and LMS Moodle. AUK is using EMC VNX® unified storage with EMC FAST Suite™ and VMware® vSphere to better handle rapid business growth and improve response time for IT requests from staff and students.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Increased Efficiency – AUK has improved storage utilization 400%, increasing available storage space from 6 TB to 24 TB, at zero additional cost with EMC VNX.
    • Improved Performance – VNX has enabled AUK to improve the performance of its Microsoft and Oracle mission-critical applications by 50%.
    • Streamlined Administration – Seamless integration between Unisphere and VMware vSphere has allowed AUK to simplify management, reducing time to deliver new IT resources to internal users by 66%.
    • Rapid ROI – Increased efficiency and a cost savings of $35,000 will enable AUK to achieve a return on its investment in VNX in just 24 months.

    Customer Challenges:

    With increasing demands from students, faculty and staff for 24/7 access to educational and administrative content, the American University of Kuwait (AUK) planned to replace its previous storage environment for improved performance of mission-critical applications. AUK needed a solution that could provide the increased system performance, cost-savings and the flexibility needed to meet the growing needs of its internal users as well as support its ongoing virtualization strategy.

    AUK selected EMC VNX unified storage for its tight integration with VMware, as well as the performance and cost benefits of a FLASH 1st strategy. With VNX, AUK has achieved 400% greater storage utilization and 50% better performance. Additionally, the better efficiency using VNX has enabled AUK to save $35,000 on maintenance cost and will insure ROI in only 2 years.

    Customer Quote:

    Rusty Burns, Director of Information Technology, American University of Kuwait

    “We selected EMC VNX because it provides us with the high level of efficiency, scalability and performance required to meet the growing demands from our students and staff. The tight integration between VNX and VMware allows us to easily scale and create new virtual machines right from our server console in one step. We can now see the entire environment and shared storage to provision any changes.”

    “This increased flexibility and availability, along with simplified system management, has enabled us to better service our students and provide them continuous 24/7 access to the critical applications that they demand, such as the learning management system or online curriculum.”

    “We expect to see a return on our investment in VNX in just 24 months, and look forward to achieving an ever-higher level of performance and availability as we continue to virtualize our infrastructure.”

    EMC Quote:

    Habib Mahakian, Regional Director, North Gulf, Levant & Pakistan Area, EMC

    “AUK was looking for a best-of-breed solution that could increase storage performance and support its ongoing virtualization program, while simplifying the management of its mission-critical applications and improving its ability to meet the growing needs of its internal users.
    With EMC VNX, AUK has been able to successfully transform its IT infrastructure and achieve the increased performance and scalability needed to meet current user demands, while capturing the flexibility required to support anticipated growth.”

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