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    February 26, 2013

    RSA Transforms Enterprise Authentication with Big Data Driven Risk Analytics

    RSA® Authentication Manager 8 Will Deliver Next-Generation Access Protection Combining Industry-Leading RSA SecurID® Technology with Risk-based Authentication for Identity Assurance

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    • EMC today announced the release of RSA® Authentication Manager 8, adding a new risk-based authentication option that leverages Big Data Analytics to help organizations achieve a higher level of identity assurance in enterprise, cloud and mobile environments.
    • Combining the industry’s most popular RSA SecurID® one-time password technology with risk-based authentication, RSA Authentication Manager 8 is engineered to analyze dozens of risk factors invisibly to verify and authorize end-user access to corporate or cloud-based resources without compromising convenience or productivity.
    • The solution is designed to lower total cost of ownership, simplify administration and works with all customer deployments of current and active RSA SecurID hardware, software and mobile authenticators.
    • RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 is RSA’s most innovative authentication system to date and is the cornerstone of RSA’s Adaptive Identity & Access Management portfolio.

    RSA® CONFERENCE 2013 – San Francisco - February 26, 2013 -

    As today’s IT infrastructures become more fragmented across cloud-based applications and mobile devices, enterprise network boundaries are all but disappearing. At the same time, the ‘consumerization’ of IT means that even enterprise users demand simple, transparent access to applications and information, no matter which device they choose to use. Organizations confront unprecedented identity risk arising from these key technology disruptions, and the task of creating and maintaining trusted relationships is becoming more difficult than ever. Addressing these challenges, RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE:EMC), today announced the upcoming release of RSA® Authentication Manager 8, the next-generation access control solution engineered to combine both strong one-time password technology and risk-based authentication to secure access to sensitive data and resources in the enterprise and the cloud.

    RSA Authentication Manager 8 is engineered to use a risk-based approach to evaluate and assure user identities transparently. User login processes are fast, familiar and simple while RSA’s self-learning Risk Engine conducts authentication checks in the background against a number of unique risk factors to help assure the security of every user session.

    Leveraging Big Data analytics, RSA Authentication Manager 8 is designed to provide deeper visibility into access control risk by building rich user profiles based on both device and behavioral characteristics to detect and permit normal behavior and challenge or block anomalous activity. By providing automated access control measures that leverage dozens of unique risk factors, RSA Authentication Manager 8 is engineered to provide secure access control that goes well beyond stand-alone two- and multi-factor authentication methods helping to give organizations a higher level of identity assurance without compromising user convenience or productivity. With the potential to employ more than 100 risk factors in near-infinite combinations, organizations are better equipped to evaluate trust and risk based on user activity and can establish an acceptable level of authentication assurance based on individual risk tolerance.

    RSA Authentication Manager 8 is engineered to deliver:

    • Protection Against Advanced Threats – RSA Authentication Manager takes an intelligence-driven security approach to detect unauthorized access and anomalous activity while the self-learning risk engine protects against current, emerging and future advanced threats.
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership and Improved Manageability – The built-in features, including an enhanced administrator user dashboard and self-service portal, are designed to help both minimize help desk calls and enable IT teams to do more with less by addressing many of the most time-consuming and costly tasks of managing a traditional enterprise authentication deployment. In addition, RSA Authentication Manager 8 includes secure software token provisioning, ensuring that sensitive token or user information can be created dynamically and without having to be sent over the Internet.
    • Flexibility of Choice – Risk-based authentication can be deployed alongside RSA SecurID hardware, software and on-demand authenticators. Use cases can be expanded to cover applications and users including temporary employees, contractors and partners that were previously viewed as too cost-prohibitive to cover using strong authentication.
    • End-User Convenience – Increases security transparently without compromising user convenience by preserving the traditional logon experience of username/password and conducts risk assessments invisibly in the background.

    Additionally, RSA Authentication Manager 8 will be available as a VMware® Virtual Appliance which can help organizations leverage the potential of their virtual environments by streamlining deployment, administration and on-going system management.

    RSA Authentication Manager 8 is the cornerstone of the RSA Adaptive Identity & Access Management Portfolio. It leverages the same risk engine technology found in RSA Adaptive Authentication, which today protects more than 350 million consumer identities, and combines it with the power of RSA SecurID technology to provide a solution both flexible and strong enough to meet the diverse needs of any enterprise. When combined with RSA Access Manager and RSA’s federated solutions, RSA Authentication Manager is engineered to support the broadest range of enterprise use cases and cloud applications.

    Analyst Quote:

    Jason Malo, Research Director, Tower Group

    “The merger of strong authentication and advanced risk analysis clearly represents an evolution in fraud prevention. Authentication strategies based on static rules or policies are still useful, but when defenses are predictable they are more likely to be circumvented. Security solutions that can assess transactional risk and complement traditional strategies provide the ability to invoke security controls when they are needed most.”

    Partner Quote:

    Joseph Arbellay, Senior System Engineer, ComProSec AG

    “Strong authentication is the foundation of IT Security. RSA has listened to customer requirements and with RSA Authentication Manager 8 it has definitively changed the game with regards to offering a comprehensive solution and strongly enhancing product manageability and usability.”

    RSA Executive Quote:

    Manoj Nair, Senior Vice President and General Manager, RSA Identity & Data Protection

    “As the enterprise perimeter continues to disappear and the threat landscape continues to change, so must our approach to authentication. Today, only 20% of enterprises deploy some form of strong authentication for their users – leaving the other 80% at risk. Our goal with RSA Authentication Manager 8 is to turn what is fundamentally a Big Data problem into a cost-effective and seamless solution that can help protect 100% of users. By leveraging a Big Data Risk Analytics approach, we are taking the next step towards creating an “infinite factor” system where nearly any element, device attribute or behavior can be part of the equation to calculate risk and authenticity of a user while making it simpler and more effective for the end user.”


    RSA Authentication Manager 8 will be available worldwide in Q1 2013.

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