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    November 13, 2012

    EMC Announces Syncplicity Integration with SlideShark

    Cloud-Focused Integration Enables Mobile Workforce to Deliver Full Fidelity Presentations from iPads and iPhones with Engagement Analytics

    Story Highlights

    • Integration enables sales and marketing teams to seamlessly access all of their presentations for instant and accurate viewing on iOS devices
    • Teams stay on the same page by ensuring their users have the most current versions of presentations available on all of their devices
    • Extends remote-wipe policies from Syncplicity to SlideShark to protect sensitive information from loss or theft of mobile devices

    HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 13, 2012 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced an integration of EMC ® Syncplicity ® with the SlideShark app from Brainshark, Inc., the leader in online and mobile presentations. The integration pairs the cloud-based, easy-to-use Syncplicity file sync, share and collaboration solution with Brainshark's award-winning app for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations with an iPad or iPhone – enabling mobile teams to have access to all of their presentations in the cloud and be able to present them professionally and reliably from iOS devices.

    The integration provides a powerful combination for companies seeking to empower their distributed – and increasingly mobile – workforces, including sales and marketing teams, with up-to-date and high impact presentations. With Syncplicity, users have access to their own personal presentations as well as presentations published across their teams, both inside and outside the corporate firewall, without any additional step required. Syncplicity eliminates version control challenges, ensuring that they have access to the latest version of presentations on all of their mobile devices.

    Then, using SlideShark, users have access to a unified view of all of their PowerPoint files managed by Syncplicity to display them on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact. Users can control and navigate content, as well as connect to TVs and projectors to deliver truly powerful presentations. And with SlideShark's ability to track engagement, sales and marketing teams can truly close the loop by assessing usage, even with copies of the presentation distributed to prospects.

    When deployed in conjunction with the recently announced Syncplicity Connector for EMC ® Documentum ®, sales and marketing teams in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, life sciences , financial services and energy can distribute presentations that require extensive approval processes and audit trails and know that changes will not be made in the field. SlideShark is compliant with Syncplicity's remote wipe capabilities, a highly demanded feature for information protection within the enterprise in case of lost devices and employee off-boarding.

    Key Features

    • SlideShark users will have cloud-to-cloud connectivity with Syncplicity managed files for hyper performance, thereby eliminating upload delays for mobile users.
    • SlideShark users can browse and access all of the PowerPoint presentations within their Syncplicity account directly from their iOS devices.
    • Syncplicity's remote-wipe capabilities extend to a user's SlideShark account, providing control to delete specific content in case of a lost, stolen or compromised device.
    • SlideShark administrators and users who share files with others have the ability to track usage of shared presentations.

    Innovative Cloud-to-Cloud Policy Enforcement

    Syncplicity offers a rich set of security, centralized policy and administration capabilities that IT needs to maintain control and transparency over content that is synced to a user's device and shared inside and outside the organization. Built for enterprise-grade integrations, Syncplicity's developer API not only supports sharing of content between cloud applications but also enables integrated apps to understand and act on policies and administrator actions.

    The Syncplicity and SlideShark integration enables users or IT administrators to “remote wipe” content within Syncplicity – causing corresponding content in a user's SlideShark account to be automatically deleted without impacting the rest of the user's business or personal content in SlideShark. If a device is lost or stolen, or if a user leaves the company, content initially distributed by Syncplicity into a user's business SlideShark account can be deleted even if IT has lost access to the user or device. This cloud-to-cloud policy enforcement is critical for enabling secure content sharing between cloud apps and supporting BYOD in a business context.

    Executive Quotes:

    Joe Gustafson, CEO, Brainshark

    “Skyrocketing mobile usage, easy access to cloud-based files, and SlideShark's mobile presentation capabilities are a game-changing combination – one that's empowering sales teams and business executives alike to reimagine the business meeting . Together with Syncplicity, we're pleased to provide mobile professionals with the ability to use their iOS devices to instantly access content in the cloud, prepare for meetings, and dynamically present and share important information.”

    Jeetu Patel, Syncplicity General Manager, Information Intelligence Group, EMC

    “ Professionals are increasingly going mobile, and sales and marketing professionals are leading the way. Syncplicity gives these mobile professionals access to all of their work on all their devices with no extra steps. With the SlideShark integration, users can now display and control presentations with full animation and fidelity on their iPads and iPhones. Syncplicity was built from the ground-up to satisfy the user and give IT the security, policy controls and admin tools they require to protect the business while transforming the way people work. This integration extends that commitment. ”

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