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    October 22, 2012

    EMC Transforms IT Infrastructure at Rodale Inc

    Global Publisher Selects EMC over HP to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

    HOPKINTON, Mass - October 22, 2012 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that Rodale Inc., the world’s leading healthy lifestyle company, has standardized on EMC® technologies to more effectively and simply handle exponential data growth driven by increasing demand for digital content, streaming video, high-resolution online images, and data generated from iPads. Using EMC Data Domain®, EMC NetWorker®, and EMC VNX® unified storage, EMC has helped Rodale achieve greater scalability, efficiency, performance, and more efficient backup for its mission-critical applications and digital asset management system.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Enhanced Efficiency—Rodale eliminated a multi-head tape array and a large virtual tape library (VTL) deploying EMC NetWorker in conjunction with EMC Data Domain, recovering 15 percent of its data center space and reducing power and cooling requirements significantly. Full backups are now three times faster, Oracle backups are nine times faster, and recoveries have gone from one day to one hour.
    • Improved Performance Efficiency—Rodale boosted the performance of its mixed virtualized workloads, including Oracle, SQL, Exchange, with EMC’s FLASH 1st technology, servicing 65 percent of I/O with just two percent Flash.
    • Improved Agility—Rodale can provision storage on VNX faster, improving agility to launch new projects as quickly as the business demands.

    Customer Challenges and Solution:

    As Rodale continues to create more web-based content, the company’s data storage requirements have doubled every 18 months. However, its legacy storage and backup and recovery environments were at capacity limits. Rodale needed a new solution that could not only support rapid data growth but also transform its operations to play a more strategic role in driving business expansion while boosting the overall efficiency of its information infrastructure.

    After evaluating HP and other vendors, Rodale selected EMC for both its storage and backup and recovery needs.

    • More Efficient Backup—Rodale selected an integrated EMC backup and recovery solution featuring EMC Data Domain, Data Domain Boost and EMC NetWorker, replacing its previous tape infrastructure and consolidating from multiple backup vendors to just EMC.  Data Domain is deployed in Rodale’s primary and remote data centers as well as in a co-location facility for disaster recovery.  NetWorker enables Rodale to simplify backup and recovery management thanks to centralized, automated control across its three data centers. 
    • Storage built for virtualized infrastructures—Rodale selected EMC VNX unified storage for its performance, integration points with VMware, and ability to support both file and block data.  VNX is configured with a FLASH 1st solution that leverages the EMC FAST Suite and Flash drives to boost performance. FAST Cache services 65 percent of the I/O using only two percent of the total drive capacity. Additionally VNX supports Rodale’s entire physical and VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure, which runs Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, North Plains Digital Asset Management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Apache Web servers, along with other applications.

    Customer Quotes:

    Alex Skovronek, IT Manager, Rodale

    More Efficient Backup
    “Our EMC Data Domain system allowed us to eliminate a large VTL that was consuming several cabinets’ worth of space, replacing it with a more effective solution that only required one half of a rack,” said Skovronek. “Since then we’ve recovered 15 percent of the floor space in our data center. Not only did this cut our power and cooling requirements significantly, but we also gained back ports on our network switches because we have fewer devices to plug in. That’s infrastructure we’re now able to use elsewhere.

    “Before, 750 terabytes of backup data used to traverse our network in any six-month period. By deduplicating with Data Domain and DD Boost, we’ve reduced that by 70 percent to less than 225 terabytes. We’re saving a tremendous amount on network bandwidth and our Oracle database backups are completing in only two hours compared to 18 hours previously.  In addition, full backups at our co-location complete in a third of the time that they used to, eliminating the impact on production servers during business hours.”

    “We’ve been very happy with EMC and wanted to keep our environment consistent. We really value their expertise and ability to match our requirements with the right storage solution. VNX and Data Domain proved to be the perfect fit for our growing digital media demands and integrated seamlessly into the rest of our infrastructure.”

    Scalable and Agile Storage
    “With VNX, we now have the capacity and performance to manage the exponential growth of our videos, images and files,” said Skrovnek.  “This makes it much easier for us to grow infrastructure as quickly as the business demands while helping support Rodale’s expansion into digital media markets.”

    “We’re much more agile now because provisioning storage on the VNX is so fast and easy. For example, if a business unit comes to us with a new project, whether it's a YouTube channel, smartphone app or social media initiative, we can deliver the necessary storage from a single console in minutes.”

    “By supporting multiple data types, VNX provides us with the flexibility to run large databases, which support our websites, as well as serve files needed to produce our publications all on a single platform. Not only has this saved floor space in our data center but it’s made storage administration much easier and less time consuming.”

    “With VNX’s detailed reporting, we have a much clearer understanding of disk usage so we can allocate it more efficiently. That’s allowing IT to assume a more consultative role with business users rather than just being order takers. Now, we’re recommending the most appropriate resource allocations depending on the project, whether it is a new digital publication or a YouTube channel.”

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