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    August 28, 2012

    New EMC Storage Resource Management Suite Improves Application to Storage Service Level Management for Cloud Environments

    Story Highlights

    • New EMC Storage Resource Management (SRM) Suite delivers one of the industry's most comprehensive application-to-storage management, for common insight into service level management, priorities and tasks as customers build their cloud infrastructure.
    • The SRM Suite combines EMC ProSphere, EMC Storage Configuration Advisor, and recently acquired EMC Watch4net into a single, easily consumable monitoring and reporting package that offers performance, capacity and configuration management at scale for EMC and select third party storage arrays for both file and block.

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    VMworld – San Francisco - August 28, 2012 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced the EMC® Storage Resource Management (SRM) Suite, delivering storage and application administrators application-to-storage management for cloud environments. For instance, now storage administrators can easily view what their Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server counterparts are concerned about — enabling common insight and alignment of priorities to improve the efficiency and simplify management of the overall IT environment. The EMC SRM Suite optimizes resource investments, enabling customers to move to more agile, cloud-enabled environments.

    The EMC SRM Suite is a comprehensive storage management suite comprised of EMC ProSphere®, EMC Storage Configuration Advisor and EMC Watch4net, the most recent addition to EMC's portfolio, providing greatly improved reporting flexibility. The SRM Suite will provide performance, capacity and configuration management for EMC arrays — including EMC VMAX®, EMC VNX®, EMC VPLEX®, EMC Isilon®, and EMC DataDomain® — as well as select third party storage arrays for both file and block.

    Virtualization enables businesses of all sizes to simplify management, control costs and guarantee uptime. However, virtualized environments also add layers of complexity to the IT infrastructure that reduce visibility and can complicate the management of storage resources. The SRM Suite attacks these layers — simply — by providing visibility into the physical and virtual relationships, which are essential to ensure consistent service levels. As customers build out their cloud infrastructure, the EMC SRM Suite will help organizations ensure service levels while optimizing IT resources — both key attributes of successful cloud deployments.

    Technology Highlights:

    Key features of the EMC SRM Suite include:

    • Dynamic real-time reporting: increased visibility of all resources and performance dependencies from the application to the host, down to the storage array.
    • Metric correlation: analyze application performance through trending and threshold notifications and correlate these with storage metrics.
    • Service-level compliance: manage and respond to service-level deviations through custom thresholds and dashboards across heterogeneous storage.
    • FAST VP (Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools) optimization: analyze the usage of FAST to meet customer-defined performance and chargeback policies by application.
    • Storage service alignment: analyze storage workload trends to align storage tiers to application service levels.
    • Configuration compliance: automatically validate configurations, leveraging the EMC Support Matrix and customer-defined design best practices.

    Industry Analyst Quote:

    Bob Laliberte, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

    "The EMC SRM Suite is helping customers continue to transform themselves into cloud-enabled businesses simply and cost-effectively. Companies need to ensure that the appropriate service levels are being delivered to a wide range of applications, even with rapidly growing, changing and complex IT environments. With the SRM Suite, EMC is helping businesses understand the big picture of how storage impacts their applications—a critical ability for any company with highly virtualized/cloud environments."

    Customer Quotes:

    Johan Marais, Storage & Virtualization Administrator, Discovery Holding, LTD.

    "The combination of these three products will allow us to have a full 360 degree view of our storage infrastructure. ProSphere has given us great insight into our current storage environment capacity and performance wise. Adding Storage Configuration Advisor will allow us to have a better hold on storage changes and assist us in applying recommended standards. Completing the solution with Watch4net will give us sight into application health and performance all the way to the storage layer allowing us to adhere to stricter SLA's."

    Sarel Theron, Senior SAN Engineer, Cloud Data Management, Internet Solutions

    "With the rapid data growth we are experiencing, we must understand our existing as well as future workloads to make sure we are applying the right technology to meet service levels. To do so, we have to understand the relationships, dependencies and impact of systems connecting to storage in real-time. We need one of those 'vital signs' monitors you get in a hospital connected to our SAN. EMC's new SRM Suite appears to be just that."

    EMC Executive Quote:

    Amitabh Srivastava, President, Advanced Storage Division, EMC

    "By analyzing performance, capacity and configuration compliance in a simple and easy-to-manage suite, EMC is offering customers a better way to maximize their storage investments. As organizations adopt cloud enabling technologies like VMware and FAST VP to create a more agile infrastructure, this new suite provides the visibility and control that ensure application service levels while optimizing storage resources to control costs. It also gives customers the flexibility to manage EMC or third party arrays with file or block storage."


    The EMC SRM Suite is available today worldwide through EMC and EMC channel partners with support for EMC VMAX, EMC VNX and select third party arrays. EMC VPLEX, EMC Isilon and EMC DataDomain will be supported in an upcoming release.

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