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    August 21, 2012

    Daetwyler USA Drives Business Expansion with EMC VNXe Unified Storage

    Component and Machine Manufacturer Replaces HP with EMC for Critical Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation, Expects to Save $50,000 in IT Management Costs in First Year

    HOPKINTON, Mass - August 21, 2012 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced that Daetwyler USA, a manufacturer of high-quality precision components and machines, replaced its HP storage with EMC® VNXe® unified storage to handle rapid data growth driven by business expansion and increasingly data-rich business applications. With VNXe supporting a 98% VMware virtualized infrastructure, Daetwyler now has greater scalability and efficiency for its critical Microsoft Dynamics GP Enterprise Resource Planning implementation, projecting first-year IT administration savings of $50,000.

    Customer Benefits:

    • Reduced Costs—Daetwyler has projected an annual cost savings of $50,000 with VNXe Unisphere® management interface, compared with its previous HP administrative tools.
    • Enhanced Agility—VNXe enables Daetwyler to provision virtual disks and present it to servers within five to 10 minutes, accelerating IT responsiveness to new business initiatives, such as sales campaigns or tooling production lines.
    • Simple Deployment—Daetwyler had its VNXe out of the box and running in just two hours and migrated its data to the VNXe from HP in just one night.

    Customer Challenges and Solution:

    As a company that is continually innovating and introducing new business initiatives, Daetwyler's HP environment was not keeping up with the company's information storage demands. Daetwyler needed a storage solution that could scale with its virtualized server environment and provide a more efficient platform for its expanding application suite.

    After evaluating various solutions, Daetwyler selected EMC VNXe unified storage to replace its HP storage for its superior scalability, simplicity and affordability. With VNXe, Daetwyler now has enhanced flexibility and streamlined provisioning to enable growth at an expected substantial cost savings. In addition, VNXe is part of a comprehensive infrastructure transformation that includes Cisco Unified Computing System servers and VMware virtualization and cloud infrastructure technologies.

    Daetwyler's VNXe supports its business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics GP, customer relationship management and various file and print servers. Daetwyler will also rely on VNXe for planned implementations of Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint.

    Customer Quotes:

    Mark Chamley, network and systems administrator, Daetwyler USA

    "Our VNXe deployment was fast and easy. I had it out of the box and running within a couple hours. We migrated our data from HP to VNXe in one night. After setting up the new Cisco servers and updating VMware, we were up and going in less than a week. Everything went very smoothly."

    "Change is constant at Daetwyler and IT needs to adapt efficiently. The VNXe enables us to quickly deploy applications and resources without a lot of time and effort so the business can pursue new opportunities as they come up—whether it's tooling a new production line or launching a sales campaign. With VNXe's simplified management, I can chop out a new virtual disk and present it to our virtual machines in only to 10 minutes."

    "One of the big things that led me to the VNXe was ease of management. My past experience managing HP was complex and difficult, but Unisphere is very straightforward and intuitive. It is an ideal administration tool for an IT generalist like myself who doesn't have time to be a storage expert."

    "The cost of managing our previous HP infrastructure was phenomenally high. A lot of productive time was lost wrestling with problems in the Windows layer of the HP administrative interface. But Unisphere eliminated all those issues. In management costs alone we expect to save $50,000 in the first year."

    "VNXe is a solution that not only satisfies our immediate storage needs, but also allows us to expand with additional capacity, performance and features to easily handle growth as it comes along. Its tight integration with VMware gives us tremendous agility."

    "Our relationship with EMC has been fabulous. They were there to help out from the beginning and worked with us throughout the process to make sure we had everything we needed to be successful. The fact that EMC is so closely aligned with VMware and Cisco as partners just reinforced our decision to go with EMC and VNXe."

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