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    May 21, 2012

    EMC VPLEX Sets New Standard for Hybrid Cloud

    New Combination of VPLEX AccessAnywhere and RecoverPoint ProtectEverywhere Technologies Deliver Unique High-Availability Active/Active Virtual Storage

    Story Highlights

    • New enhancements to EMC® VPLEX™ operating environment delivers 40% more performance and 2X the scalability than the previous release.
    • New VPLEX integration with VMware™ vSphere® Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) and VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI).
    • EMC is delivering the industry's only high availability three-site data center protection solution for active/active Hybrid Cloud deployments with RecoverPoint and VPLEX. EMC's VPLEX ecosystem, which includes VMware certification for VMware™ vSphere® Metro Storage Clustering ( see news release), was recently expanded to now include Oracle certification for EMC VPLEX METRO in a stretch cluster configuration (see news release).

    EMC World 2012, LAS VEGAS - May 21, 2012 -

    At EMC World 2012, EMC (NYSE:EMC) today announced that the powerful new combination of EMC VPLEX virtual storage with EMC RecoverPoint data protection is defining a new standard for Hybrid Cloud availability and protection. This new combination delivers the industry's first solution to combine active-active data centers with third site disaster recovery protection, affording customers the high availability benefits of VPLEX AccessAnywhere™ cache coherency technology and the comprehensive ProtectEverywhere™ of RecoverPoint across all EMC and non-EMC block storage.

    With 40% more performance, new performance monitoring and 2X the scale of previous versions, EMC VPLEX delivers customers mobility, availability and collaboration to be deployed to an even greater number of IT environments—including VMware vSphere and Oracle RAC. VPLEX distributed virtual storage simplifies virtual environments, by enabling the same data to be accessible simultaneously across virtual servers. These new VPLEX features enable VPLEX virtual storage to be managed directly from VMware vSphere further streamlining management in virtual environments.

    As customers increasingly take advantage of the flexibility and choice to store and serve information with a Hybrid Cloud, these new EMC VPLEX and RecoverPoint capabilities combine to deliver the mobility, availability and data protection required to transform their IT environments to take advantage of the Hybrid Cloud.

    Technology Highlights

    VPLEX can now deliver customers new levels of:

    High Availability

    • RecoverPoint now protects the entire EMC storage portfolio including the VMAX Family, the VNX Series and VPLEX (Local and Metro)—with protection. Customers can now leverage RecoverPoint's continuous data protection capabilities with VPLEX to provide copies of their production data for fast, efficient, and up-to-the-second recovery in the event of a data corruption issue. Customers can also leverage RecoverPoint continuous local replication and continuous remote replication to protect their data from site disasters.
    • In VMware environments, new integration of VPLEX and RecoverPoint enables maximum flexibility for data protection and high availability of virtual machines. VPLEX delivers customers easy, ongoing data mobilityfor virtual machines. Now, the powerful combination of VPLEX with RecoverPoint and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ delivers predictable and ordered disaster recovery, and restart of virtual machines. This is backed by VMware's certification of RecoverPoint and VPLEX Local and Metro.
    • RecoverPoint provides cost-effective, local continuous data protection and continuous local and remote replication of data with any-point-in-time data recovery. RecoverPoint brings databases and applications back online quickly and easily after an event like data corruption. RecoverPoint's technology dramatically reduces recovery time and increases the number of recovery points for application environments.

    Increased Performance

    • VPLEX is delivering increased integration for virtual environments to provide a complete picture for easy management of both the virtualized server and storage environments directly from vSphere through new integration with vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) and vSphere VAAI.
    • VPLEX now delivers up to 40% more performance on currently-deployed platforms—without requiring any additional investment in hardware, and 2X the scale with the ability to support up to 1,600 host initiators per VPLEX configuration.
    • Recently certified support for Oracle RAC enables multi-site active/active RAC deployments over up to 100 Kilometers, maintaining full synchronization and continuous operations in the event of a site failure.

    Simplified Management

    • EMC Unisphere simplifies management with an intuitive user interface, which now supports EMC's complete storage portfolio including EMC VMAX Family, VPLEX, and the EMC VNX Family. Unisphere for VPLEX provides customers with the same EMC-standard look and feel. It provides a way to simplify, normalize, and consolidate EMC's management tools to make it easier for our customers to management their environments.

    Customer Quote:

    Sebastien Roque, GIS Storage Infrastructure Manager at Sanofi
    "Sanofi is a global healthcare leader committed to discovering, developing and distributing safe and effective medicines, vaccines, and consumer health products to improve the lives of patients and their families. The technology behind our research is the enabler for achieving this, which is why we're building private clouds—and migrating 4,000 applications to new data centers. This will enable our teams to seamlessly share and optimize resources across multiple applications.  At the heart, VMAX is delivering the scale, automation and efficiency we require. Additionally VPLEX integration with RecoverPoint will enable us to build in the future active/active data centers with third site disaster recovery. EMC is helping us achieve and deliver the performance and flexibility that defines a next-generation data center."

    EMC Quote:

    Brian Gallagher, President, Enterprise Storage Division at EMC
    "EMC remains years ahead of the industry with VPLEX's ability to deliver true active/active data center capabilities. EMC created a new market in 2010 with the introduction of VPLEX. Today we're extending EMC's trusted disaster recovery and data protection solutions to active/active data centers—thereby maximizing data availability and protection. EMC is enabling customers to think differently about how they share their data—eliminating former data center boundaries."

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