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    January 09, 2012

    Iomega Announces New StorCenter ix2 Network Storage Ideal for Content Sharing Data Protection and Video Surveillance for Small Businesses Distributed Enterprises and Others

    Diskless, Partially Populated and Fully Populated Models Developed on Enterprise-Class EMC Storage Technology Give SMBs and Others Flexible Network Storage To Meet Today’s Business Needs

    SAN DIEGO, CA - January 09, 2012 -

    Iomega Corporation, an EMC company (NYSE:EMC) and a leading innovator in data storage solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today announced the new Iomega® StorCenter™ ix2 Network Storage, an advanced two-bay desktop network storage device available in multiple configurations and designed specifically for content sharing and data protection as well as cloud computing and video surveillance applications at small businesses, work groups, remote offices and distributed enterprises.

    Based on enterprise-class EMC® storage technology, the new Iomega StorCenter ix2 provides up to 6TB* of network storage for small and medium-sized business networks and distributed or remote locations utilizing PC, Mac and Linux computers. The new StorCenter ix2 encompasses many advanced business capabilities usually not available to smaller organizations, including out-of-the-box video surveillance capabilities for up to five IP camera installations. Users can also utilize their choice of cloud backup capability with Mozy, Amazon S3 and EMC Atmos-enabled cloud backup services offered by service providers, as well as Iomega's revolutionary Personal Cloud technology featuring unparalleled simplicity and versatility for data sharing and protection without any monthly fees or service costs.

    "Affordable network storage for small businesses, distributed enterprises and others that effectively balances of ease-of-use in data management with advanced capabilities such as Cloud computing, virtual desktop deployments and video surveillance is the hallmark of the new StorCenter ix2," said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega Corporation. "Our objective at Iomega is to bring the advantages and capabilities of network storage solutions with enterprise-level applications to small and mid-sized businesses in professional services and manufacturing as well as distributed enterprises in retail, banking and other vertical industries. The new StorCenter ix2 is exactly that kind of network storage solution – rich in versatile features and business capabilities and the first of several advanced Iomega network storage solutions coming in 2012."

    Configurations of the new Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage

    The new two-bay Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage offers small businesses and others the flexible advantages of three different models: a diskless unit that allows users and channel partners the option to populate the device according to their specific storage needs and pricing preferences, especially in this time of hard disk drive shortages due to the Thailand flooding; a partially populated unit with one drive (1TB, 2TB or 3TB of total storage capacity) that gives users the freedom of choice to increase their storage capacity over time; and a fully populated unit with two drives (2TB, 4TB or 6TB of total storage capacity) for immediate RAID mirroring data protection and other multi-drive network storage capabilities.

    All three configurations of the new Iomega StorCenter ix2 Network Storage – partially populated, fully populated and diskless – are expected to be available worldwide in February.

    Setup and Capabilities of the New StorCenter ix2 Network Storage

    Designed for central storage and backup of business files with an array of advanced features, the compact two-drive StorCenter ix2 uses a CD-less setup process with downloaded software that has the unit up and running in a matter of minutes. Web interface accessible in 17 supported languages, the StorCenter ix2 NAS utilizes the acclaimed EMC LifeLine™ software, a fully-developed Linux operating environment that incorporates select EMC world class storage technologies typically available only for enterprise-level customers.

    Depending upon the configuration – partially-populated or fully populated – the StorCenter ix2 offers numerous data serving and protection capabilities and advanced enterprise features, including:

    • RAID 1 (mirrored) data protection with a fully-populated two-drive configuration.
    • User replaceable hard drives for business continuity and disaster recovery.
    • Automatic setup of Iomega QuikProtect backup software for simplified PC and Mac computer backups.
    • Iomega Personal Cloud for the most economical way to protect, share and access your data from anywhere in the world (Internet access required).
    • Video surveillance IP camera support out of the box. (See below for more details.)
    • Iomega Link for iOS devices provides a convenient remote iPhone and iPad connection to your data.
    • VMware® and XenServer™ certified for virtual desktop implementations.
    • Easy to setup device-to-device data replication with two Iomega StorCenter units.
    • Expandability of storage capacity by connecting external USB hard drives.
    • Native Time Machine® support for use with Apple® Mac backup.
    • iSCSI target provides block-level access for most efficient storage utilization.
    • Folder quotas, Windows Active Directory Service and more.

    The Value of Video Surveillance Capabilities with the StorCenter ix2

    Video surveillance of a location's interior and/or exterior premises is an absolute business requirement for many organizations today, be it a single stand alone business or a distributed enterprise with multiple locations. In contrast to the limitations of the standard DVR approach to video surveillance, the StorCenter ix2 brings the economic advantages of always-on and accessible network storage for small camera count installations.

    The StorCenter ix2 has built-in support for up to five UPnP (universal plug and play) network cameras by Axis®, Bosch® or Panasonic®. IP security cameras can capture and store video directly to the StorCenter ix2 without the need of a dedicated PC, allowing users fast playback of video surveillance footage and live-view camera support.

    The StorCenter ix2 encodes video as MPEG-4. Users can set up their stored video files to delete after a schedule date or file size limit. The StorCenter ix2 also includes the embedded Axis Video Hosting Service (AVHS) for local to hosted cloud-based management of video cameras and storage of surveillance content. Users also have the option to utilize the downloadable MindTree® SecureMind video service management software. (One camera license with MineTree SecureMind is included free of charge; additional licenses available for purchase.)


    All of the new Iomega® StorCenter™ ix2 Network Storage models are expected to be available worldwide in February 2012. Pricing starts at $199.99 for the diskless model without any included hard drives. (Pricing is MSRP and subject to change at the time of product availability.)

    The Iomega StorCenter ix2 series includes a standard three-year limited warranty with U.S.-based phone support up to 13 hours a day, five days a week. Optional service plans include Iomega's Enhanced Service Plan which includes 24x7 phone support with advance replacement.

    For more information on Iomega's complete line of StorCenter network storage models, including pricing for all models, please go to www.iomega.com.

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