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    October 04, 2011

    EMC and NEC Set High End Scalability Record

    EMC VNX Unified Storage and NEC Express Server Configuration—Powered by Intel Xeon E7 Processor Family—Provides Scalability and Performance for Microsoft SharePoint 2010


    News Summary:

    • EMC® NEC and Intel deliver solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Testing demonstrates the search and retrieval of 108-million database objects for a 200% scalability improvement.
    • The configuration incorporates EMC, NEC and Intel technologies for demanding, large-scale, high growth SharePoint 2010 collaboration solutions.

    Today at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011, EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) and NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced communications, networking and IT solutions, announced a storage and server configuration solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 that includes EMC® VNX® unified storage and NEC Express Server configuration—powered by Intel® Xeon® E7 processor family. The tested configuration enables 108 million database documents stored, searched, and retrieved. Together, EMC and NEC—armed with the latest Intel processor technologies—help enable SharePoint 2010 customers to scale densely with a cost-effective overall solution. For more information visit the EMC booth (#423) or NEC booth (#772) at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011.

    SharePoint 2010 administrators now have a documented solution to help enable efficient storage provisioning and removing database and storage performance conflicts.

    Configuration Highlights:

    With Microsoft-tested configuration limits enabled by EMC, NEC, and Intel technologies, administrators can:

    • Utilize efficient, powerful, and scalable VNX storage and NEC servers for fast search results, helping to increase the performance of SharePoint SQL database instances.
    • This testing took advantage of new boundaries and limits allowing for the search and retrieval of 108 million objects. This tested configuration with the EMC and NEC technologies enables a 200% improvement in SharePoint scalability from previous published proof points.
    • Reduce the risk of growing pains and infrastructure limitations of large-scale content collaboration solutions.
    • Deploy a scalable, predictable solution driving business value.
    • Help remove concerns about future SharePoint deployments and enable collaboration with documented configurations.

    EMC VNX Product Highlights

    • The tested configuration leveraged a VNX 5700, powered by the latest Intel processors. The VNX delivered the capacity, density and performance to generate the large amount of content used during testing. The VNX was then used to do search and retrieval tests-with zero performance degradation.
    • EMC has been named by customers as the #1 provider of storage technology for Microsoft SharePoint and other mission critical applications according to a new survey by IDC¹.
    • EMC VNX is optimized for virtual applications with comprehensive multiple vendor virtual server integration, including Microsoft Hyper-V and SQL databases.

    NEC Express Server Product Highlights

    • NEC's Express 5800/A1080a scalable, high-performance server features Intel® Xeon® E7 processor family with 10-core, eight sockets for a total of 80 total cores, a highly effective configuration for processor-intensive requirements such as Microsoft FAST Search and SQL Server. These additional cores, additional cache and faster clock speed contributed to the scalability results of the tested configuration.
    • The testing configuration included an additional NEC server to support a large number of SharePoint applications virtualized with Microsoft Hyper-V using a 64-core server.
    • NEC's Express5800/A1080a server can accommodate up to two terabytes (TB) of memory and 160 threads with modular in-box partitioning in an innovative single 7U chassis.

    Industry Analyst Quote

    Brian Garrett, Vice President ESG Lab, Enterprise Strategy Group

    "Collaboration platforms and tools—most notably Microsoft SharePoint—are a critical business resource for a growing number of organizations. Recent ESG research indicate that one in three midmarket and enterprise companies are using Microsoft's SharePoint for content repository, document workflow, business process management, and other mission critical content management functions. In each SharePoint use case, it is vitally important that the infrastructure can scale and perform to meet the needs of the business as it eliminates the risk of downtime and increases operational efficiency. The combination of EMC unified storage and NEC servers bring the kind of, performance, reliability, and scale that's needed to support growth as it cost effectively optimizes the value of your SharePoint investment."

    EMC Quote

    Eric Herzog, Vice President, Product Marketing and Management, EMC Unified Storage Division

    "Our ongoing collaboration with Intel and NEC offers customers a powerful and Microsoft-tested solution that helps customers to deploy SharePoint 2010. As the storage market leader, EMC has solutions optimized for SharePoint environments including EMC Storage Integrator for application aware storage provisioning for SharePoint, the EMC FAST Suite for automated storage tiering, and Consulting Services."

    Intel Quote

    Pauline Nist, General Manager, Mission Critical Segment, Datacenter & Connected Systems Group

    "Today's record breaking SharePoint scalability result, is yet another testament to the performance and scalability of the latest Intel Xeon® E7 processor family. By combining the Intel Xeon® E7 processor family with servers and storage from NEC and EMC, customers can deploy their compute intensive mission critical content management applications with confidence."

    Microsoft Quote

    Jared Spataro, director of SharePoint Product Management, at Microsoft Corp

    "The results from SharePoint 2010 testing with hardware provided by NEC, EMC and Intel shows the high-end scalability of SharePoint 2010 for large-scale document management and records management solutions. SharePoint 2010 can help you scale your document management needs from simple team collaboration to enterprise-wide document archiving and records management needs."

    NEC Quote

    Mike Mitsch, Director of IT Product, NEC Corporation of America

    "With the expanded limits and scalability of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 comes a real need for computing to deliver performance in such a processor-intensive environment. NEC's Express5800/A1080a servers provide customers with a cost-effective means to provide powerful computing, especially in virtualized SQL and SharePoint 2010 environments."

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