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    June 27, 2011

    Dr Martens Gives Tape Backups the Boot for Disk Based Data Protection with Iomeg Reliable Portable Easy To Use StorCenter ix4 200d NAS Server

    Iconic Shoemaker Leverages Iomega’s SMB Network Storage Backup Solutions to Elevate Data Protection with Personal Cloud Technology, Boost Disaster Recovery And Lower Administrative Overhead

    SAN DIEGO - June 27, 2011 -

    Iomega, an EMC company (NYSE:EMC) and a global leader in data protection, today announced that Dr. Martens – shoe purveyor to the young and restless as well as many of the rest of us – has deployed Iomega® StorCenter™ desktop NAS servers to take data protection and disaster recovery to the next level while slashing the time and effort required to safeguard a fast-growing virtualized VMware® environment.

    The UK-based shoe company, a pop culture favorite well known around the globe for its cushioned air sole and fashion-forward designs, relies on Iomega network storage solutions to ensure optimum data availability for 150 employees at its Portland, Oregon-based subsidiary, Dr. Martens Airwair LLC. A five-person IT team chose the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d NAS, a compact four-bay desktop server, after encountering persistent performance problems with tape-based backup and recovery, which was cumbersome, time consuming and unreliable. There was also growing concern on the IT team about the company's ability to access its VMware environment fast enough in a disaster recovery situation.

    Tape Backups Get the Boot from Dr. Martens

    According to Shaun Guanco, system administrator for Dr. Martens Airwair LLC, restoring files from tapes could take hours. In some cases, the company was forced to revert to a previous week's backup, which did not contain the most up-to-date data. As a result, Dr. Martens sought a fast, simple and flexible HDD-based replacement to its legacy tape solution. "We wanted to accelerate overall backups and restores but it had to be straightforward because I'm a 'one-man show' with a small team and no time for a big learning curve," he explains. "The new platform also had to be flexible enough to work well in our heavily virtualized environment."

    Among Dr. Martens' top selection criteria for a new data backup and recovery installation was the need for straightforward operation that could be handled by anyone on Guanco's IT team. Guanco also wanted a desktop solution that could be easily removed from the office and taken to an offsite location in the event of a local or regional disaster. To fortify the company's disaster recovery plan, replication functionality was required so vital files and databases could be copied easily.

    Iomega StorCenter Network Storage Devices: Ideal for SMB and Remote Offices

    With assistance from reseller PC Connection, Dr. Martens chose Iomega StorCenter ix4d NAS Servers with 12TBs* of capacity each and a complement of standard and advanced data storage and protection features. Ideally suited for small businesses and remote offices, the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d offered Dr. Martens robust and affordable network storage with fast data throughput and simple operation for file sharing and backup. The portable desktop system came with a data replication function that made it easy to copy files to and from the device to another NAS device, network share or USB-attached storage system.

    The Dr. Martens IT team in the Portland, Oregon offices immediately took advantage of the advanced features of the StorCenter ix4-200d, including multiple RAID configurations and iSCSI block-level access, ensured elevated reliability and flexibility. Thanks to the device's simple set-up, Guanco had the StorCenter ix4-200d up and running in "four clicks."

    Faster Backups & Restores, Improved Disaster Recovery

    Dr. Martens has taken advantage of its Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d units to perform faster, flawless backups. Company files can now be restored in about two minutes, Guanco reports, a big improvement over the four or more hours previously required and a reason for celebration among the IT team members and other subsidiary employees. "Backups and recoveries are a dream now," adds Guanco. "I'm able to keep 30 days of data on disk, which means we can respond more efficiently to an employee’s restore requests."

    Another plus is the fortified data protection provided by Iomega's Personal Cloud technology, which enables straightforward device-to-device data replication, allowing Dr. Martens to effortlessly copy backup files from one Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d to another located offsite for heightened data protection.

    Dr. Martens also plans to leverage the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d's robust, reliable performance and iSCSI connectivity to expand its reach within the organization. Additionally, the fact that the StorCenter ix4-200d is the first NAS server in its class to be VMware certified gives the company an easy and highly cost-effective replacement for its aging IBM SAN. "The Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d is exactly what I was looking for," concludes Guanco. "This highly functional NAS platform has exceeded my expectations in terms of supporting disk-based backup, recovery and disaster recovery. I'm looking forward to additional uses in the future."

    Iomega StorCenter Network Storage Products

    Available in double-, quad- and six-bay desktop versions, as well as rackmount array models, Iomega StorCenter network storage products provide simple solutions to protect, manage and share critical information for small- to medium-sized businesses, remote offices, and distributed workgroup environments.

    Built with EMC's world-class enterprise storage, security and cloud technologies, the Iomega StorCenter product family incorporates not only fundamental but advanced features, many not previously affordable for smaller enterprises. Iomega StorCenter products range in storage capacity from 1TB to 24TB, and support PC, Mac® and Linux® environments.

    For more information about Iomega network storage products, please go to www.iomega.com/nas/.

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