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    June 01, 2011

    EMC Announces Winners of Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge

    euroscript Sweeps Best Sample Application and Best xCelerator Asset Categories; Best Employee Entry Won for Investigative Case Management Prototype Application

    HOPKINTON, Mass - June 01, 2011 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) today announced euroscript as the winner of its 2011 xCP xCelerator Challenge. Announced at EMC World in Las Vegas, the xCP xCelerator Challenge is a contest that encourages EMC® Documentum® customers, partners and employees to submit working xCelerators, which are assets that can be used to accelerate the creation, adoption, and/or implementation of an xCP solution, for cash prizes and recognition for contributing to the global Documentum developer community.

    euroscript swept the xCP xCelerator Challenge, winning the top spot in both the Best Sample Application and Best xCelerator Asset categories. Both of the euroscript xCelerators reflect the philosophy of openness and flexibility inherent in xCP. The euroscript Trip Planner sample application can be configured to satisfy any type of travel policy, and the PDF Form Reader xCelerator can be incorporated into any Documentum xCP application. euroscript submitted the PDF Form reader in response to the substantial interest shown by the Community in their Adobe forms integrations with xCP.

    Additionally, Nick King of EMC UK Professional Services won the employee category of the xCP xCelerator Challenge for his Investigative Case Management (ICM) prototype. The prototype is based on a legal process for a burglary, going from the recording of the incident in the ICM system, through to the arrest of a suspect and the request for advice from the court before charging the suspect with the crime. Other scenarios could be demonstrated with minimal configuration.

    With entries received from around the world, the Challenge greatly increased the number of solutions and components available to Documentum xCP customers and partners. The open sharing of knowledge, best practices and software components is at the foundation of the Documentum Developer Community. Twenty four entries from this year's challenge were made available within the xCelerator xChange, creating a library of sample applications and pre-built application components.

    "This contest has certainly demonstrated the variety of solutions that can be built with Documentum xCP," says Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President for IDC's Business Process Management and Middleware research area, and one of the Challenge judges. "I was very impressed to see the global participation, as well as the strength of the community that has built up around EMC’s product."

    "Documentum xCP is a leader in the case management market, due in part to a vibrant community of partners and developers who have embraced the richness and openness of the platform to deliver additional value," said Neville Letzerich, vice president and general manager of xCP product unit for the Information Intelligence Group, a division of EMC. "We congratulate euroscript for its success in winning both categories. Nick King's xCelerator shows how the reuse inherent in xCP enables solution components built for one customer to benefit dozens of other customers facing similar challenges."

    The company also unveiled its new xCP Design Pattern library, a subset of the xCP Pattern Library that provides advice and best practices for developers to further reduce implementation time. Each xCP Design Pattern clearly describes how to address a particular business or functional need within xCP. Combining best practices and reusable xCelerator components, enables organizations to build high quality and reliable applications more quickly and easily. To learn more about Documentum xCP visit: www.emc.com/xcp

    EMC will host a webcast to highlight the winners of the EMC Documentum xCP xCelerator Challenge on Wednesday, June 22, 2001 The winners will discuss their applications, and value of composing applications with xCP. Click here for more information and to register.

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