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    December 14, 2010

    Havas Digital Embraces EMC Greenplum Analytics to Harness Big Data and Deliver Superior Marketing Insight

    EMC Greenplum Enterprise Data Cloud Technology Enables Havas Digital’s Clients to Push the Boundaries of Advertising Analytics

    HOPKINTON, Mass. - December 14, 2010 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that Havas Digital and EMC's Data Computing Products Division are working jointly to enhance the Artemis Analytics Lab—a research and development initiative to embrace large-scale, big data analytics in the private cloud. This initiative greatly amplifies Havas Digital customers' understanding of user behavior and ability to optimize their marketing campaigns accordingly.

    Havas Digital, the interactive network of leading global advertising and communications services group Havas Media, uses EMC® Greenplum® technology to power Artemis®, its proprietary marketing decision support system. The Artemis Analytics Lab is an initiative that combines Artemis' expertise in data-driven marketing and EMC Greenplum's data computing foundation to provide industry-leading digital marketing analytics mining and in-database analytics.

    "For many marketers, simple demographic information about users is no longer enough," said Katrin Ribant, senior vice president, Artemis. "Our customers want to understand aspects of users' behavior that can only be learned over time and to infer conclusions that hide behind simple lists of transactions. Using advanced analytics, EMC Greenplum provides analytics capabilities built directly into the database and executes on very large datasets, which enables us to generate rich new insights into user behavior and helps marketers predict how users will respond to new campaigns."

    A key differentiator of the Artemis system is its unique, state-of-the-art attribution mechanism, which more accurately computes the relative influence of advertising on purchase events. By moving the modeling and other computations into the database and using EMC Greenplum, Havas Digital is now able to provide their clients with a closer to real-time algorithmic attribution analytics framework. Other key features and benefits of EMC Greenplum's in-database analytics include:

    • Attribution weighting, which identifies how users' prior exposure to advertisements has led to purchases, so customers can assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
    • Target the right audience and optimize spending and marketing creative to improve future campaigns.
    • Additionally, by using Greenplum for research and development, the Artemis Analytics Lab can introduce new products into the market by using cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics methodologies to help Havas Digital serve its clients' needs for digital innovation.

    Working closely with the Havas Digital team at the Artemis Analytics Lab are two industry veterans in data warehousing and analytics, Brian Dolan and Mark Dunlap, both of the EMC Data Computing Products Division.

    "EMC Greenplum is a great environment for doing analytics at scale," said Dolan, who has been working on massive Greenplum systems since 2006 and is a senior analytics architect with EMC. "When combined with Havas' unique approach to using advanced analytics to understand marketing dynamics, it turns a key innovation for Havas into something operational and scalable, and hence a true competitive advantage."

    "It's great to see the EMC Greenplum database being used for both everyday reporting and really advanced analytics," said Dunlap, a widely known data warehousing pioneer and key strategist at Greenplum since 2006. "Even on data at the volumes that Havas deals with, EMC Greenplum is able to provide rapid access to insights and reports."

    Havas Digital is the umbrella holding company that manages all Havas Media's interactive companies. Havas Digital brands provide data driven marketing solutions across all interactive channels: digital, direct response, relationship based media and design. Havas Digital's companies work and complement each other bringing together professional expertise, proven strategic insight, and Artemis®, an advanced proprietary data platform and optimization engine, which allows the group agencies to maximize impact for the advertiser interactive marketing investment. Please go to www.havasdigital.com for more information.

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