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    December 14, 2010

    EMC Delivers Industr First Self Service Cloud Enablement Platform for Storage

    Service Providers and Enterprises Can Rapidly Deploy a Complete Storage-as-a-Service Offering

    Hopkinton, Mass. - December 14, 2010 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced the industry's first self-service cloud enablement platform for storage—the EMC® Atmos® Cloud Delivery Platform. By combining the power of EMC Atmos with this intelligent cloud enablement platform for storage, service providers and enterprises can deliver a complete storage-as-a-service offering to customers in a matter of days—versus months. The Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform alleviates the need for an in-house, custom development effort that can take months of time and resources—significantly reducing enterprise and service provider costs, time-to-market and barriers to entry.

    Key Facts and Highlights:

    • The key differentiator of the EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform is its self-service capabilities, including end-user identity provisioning and resource reporting on bandwidth and storage consumption. The platform includes a rich metering module that measures bandwidth and storage at the end-user level, an essential feature when managing multi-tenant and multi-user environments. The metering module also enables chargeback and billing integration capabilities for private and public cloud environments. The platform is designed with flexibility in mind. Service providers and enterprises can access these self-service and metering capabilities through an existing customer facing portal that connects to the Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform or through a standard portal that is offered as part of the platform.
    • The EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform complements EMC Atmos, which automatically manages the global availability of unstructured data through a policy managed, scale-out object storage infrastructure. Service providers can deliver public cloud storage services to their customers with the combination of EMC Atmos and the EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform, positioning themselves to offer additive cloud enabled services such as cloud archiving, backup and collaboration solutions—expanding revenue opportunities.
    • EMC is also announcing enhancements to EMC Atmos, including expanded multi-tenancy capabilities. Currently, EMC Atmos logically separates the data and the administration by tenant and sub-tenant, with this new product release, these multi-tenancy features have been expanded to allow network separation of tenants. This improves security and operational efficiencies for service providers and enterprises supporting multiple applications, departments and customers in a single, shared cloud infrastructure.
    • New EMC Consulting Services assist customers with the integration of the Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform into their architecture, including portal integration and customization, billing, customer care, and existing infrastructures. Additionally, there are new strategy services to assist with the planning, design and launch of go-to-market solutions for service providers. These services allow providers to rapidly deploy storage-as-a-service offers and further reduce the barriers of entry to this rapidly growing market.

    Analyst Quote

    "The benefits of cloud storage services are simplicity, flexibility, and new levels of business agility. Service providers and enterprises alike need a solution that enables them to quickly and easily build a flexible foundation for cloud enabled services. The EMC Amos Cloud Delivery Platform's self-service identity provisioning, resource reporting on bandwidth and storage consumption, and easy metering capabilities for chargeback and billing is a compelling solution that helps fill the gaps. The EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform gives both service providers and enterprises the means to offer valuable—and cost effective—services simply and efficiently."
    Terri McClure, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

    Partner Quotes

    "MTI is excited to be leveraging EMC Atmos to augment our service portfolio with new cloud and managed services under the MTI Care and MTI Cloud banners. The EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform enables us to provide on-premise and off-premise solutions for storage, archiving and tape cloning. We believe these service offerings will provide significant value to customers who are looking to drive down the cost of securely storing and archiving their corporate data."
    Aad Dekkers, Chief Marketing Officer at MTI Europe

    "The EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform could not have come at a better time for Redstor. We have been able to add incremental cloud storage services, further increasing our ability to aggregate demand for value-added cloud storage. In essence it is giving our customers and partners a flexible model to consume our storage with all the security and scale that the Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform offers. The EMC Atmos infrastructure enables Redstor's European facilities to take advantage of the growing demand for cloud storage and comes with the sort of functionality that makes it so much easier for us to deliver the sort of services we see our clients looking for. We are excited about next year's range of cloud services—built on this solid foundation of EMC cloud storage technology."
    Tony Ruane, Co-founder and Business Development Director at Redstor

    Executive Quote

    "The Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform is enabling service providers and enterprises to quickly enter into this new market space and deliver innovative cloud services today," said Mike Feinberg, Senior vice President, EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group. "This new platform eliminates the time, resources, and big investments that service providers and enterprises had to grapple with to join the cloud storage service arena. The EMC Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform is eliminating the barriers to market."

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