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    November 23, 2010

    New Benchmarking Study on Enterprise Capture Finds EMC Captiva Almost Three Times Faster than Key Competitor

    EMC Captiva Leads in Performance, Scalability, Manageability and Modularity

    HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 23, 2010 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today further demonstrated the market-leading performance, scalability, manageability and modularity of its EMC® Captiva® intelligent enterprise capture solution. In a new side-side, lab-based benchmarking study, Captiva demonstrated its superiority over a key competitor.

    The objective of the benchmark was to assess and compare the ability of each capture solution to meet the requirements of today's business and IT environments. Captiva and the competitive software suite were each installed and deployed on the same hardware in an identical environment and were given identical batches of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents for processing. Both solutions were then carefully evaluated on the basis of overall performance, manageability, usability, scalability and modularity.

    The components evaluated for Captiva were EMC Captiva InputAccel® 6.0.1, EMC Captiva Dispatcher® 6.0.1 and EMC Captiva eInput® 2.0. Key results from the benchmark study include:

    • Captiva outperformed the competition on the basis of processing speed, efficiency, flexibility and functionality offered for each step in the capture flow.
    • Captiva completed end-to-end zonal capture 2.7 times faster than the competitor, and when performing full page capture, Captiva proved to be 2.6 times faster. Captiva performed zonal extraction 8 times faster than the competitive solution and it performed full page extraction 1.7 times faster.
    • Captiva outperformed the competitive solution in every aspect of scalability. Running Captiva in a multiple-server configuration offers the administrator an almost infinite number of ways to fine-tune the configuration of the servers to rapidly respond to fluctuations in workload and optimize load balancing.
    • Through its auto-classification capabilities, Captiva classified documents at more than 6 times the rate of the competitive software.
    • Captiva imported images from a network folder into the capture system 1.5 times faster than the competitive solution.
    • Captiva's Web-based administration console enables unified server management from any location.
    • Captiva is built on a modern multi-tier, client-server architecture that is highly conducive to Web-based services and deployment in service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. This multi-tier architecture allows for easy deployment and management of Captiva in large-scale distributed capture environments.
    • Captiva provides out-of-the-box connectors that provide direct API to API integration to various content management systems including EMC Documentum® and Microsoft SharePoint. Captiva also provides a .NET SDK and Web services framework for developing sophisticated, custom integration with other third-party applications.

    "The results from this new benchmarking study clearly demonstrate the market-leading enterprise capture capabilities of EMC Captiva," said Paul O’Brien, Vice President and General Manager of Information Access Products, Information Intelligence Group, a division of EMC. "Captiva's modern, modular architecture meets diverse enterprise capture demands with scalability and flexibility that is unmatched by the competition. Further, Captiva's intelligent document recognition technologies automate document sorting and data entry, eliminating most manual operations and enabling organizations to substantially reduce costs, shorten processing times and eliminate risk."

    A free copy of the complete benchmark study is available at www.emc.com/whycaptiva.

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