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    November 17, 2009

    EMC Extends Avamar Deduplication Backup Software to Desktops and Laptops

    Customers Can Now Flexibly Protect User Data from the Edge to the Data Center with One Deduplication Backup Software Solution

    HOPKINTON, Mass. - November 17, 2009 -

    EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced enhanced enterprise backup capabilities for desktop and laptop computers, as part of the latest version of EMC® Avamar® software. Businesses and organizations of all sizes can now leverage the same innovative Avamar deduplication technology that protects data centers and remote offices to efficiently backup the information stored on corporate desktops and laptops. With Avamar's simple capacity-based licensing model, customers can easily add this new capability to their environment, without paying a per seat license fee.

    The addition of new lightweight clients for Microsoft Windows and Mac, an intuitive end user interface for backups and restores, and powerful tools for administrators, Avamar extends Avamar's enterprise data protection to desktops and laptops. Using Avamar means backups are non-disruptive, and a self-service recovery model makes it easy for end users to restore data. Avamar users never have to backup the same data twice, reducing daily network impact by up to 99%.

    Jim O'Dorisio, Vice President of Engineering, EMC's Backup Recovery Systems Division, said, "The backup and protection of critical corporate data on desktops and laptops is often overlooked. Also, as the number of mobile users grows and the amount and importance of the data stored by these users' increases, organizations can face critical corporate data protection exposures. Until now, the solution for many customers has been to deploy costly point solutions that focus only on desktops and laptops. EMC Avamar provides customers with a single solution that can protect all corporate assets, simplify operations and reduce costs by leveraging one operational skill set for all categories of data."

    David Dulek, Storage Administration Lead of industrial and construction supplier Fastenal, said, "For a long time, we have relied on EMC backup solutions to protect critical corporate information for a number of different use cases. By centrally managing EMC Avamar through EMC NetWorker® backup software, we have been able to dramatically reduce backups in our VMware virtual infrastructure environment. Due to this success, we are always looking for new ways we can leverage Avamar and deduplication across our company. With Avamar's new desktop/laptop support, we will be able to better protect data that resides on the laptops of our district managers. This will not only help us reduce risk, but it will allow us to better capture quality customer data centrally so we can leverage that historical data for future purposes."

    In addition, EMC extends its Avamar capabilities through new virtualization support of VMware vSphere 4 through vCenter and vStorage integration giving customers more flexible backup and restore options. Avamar is now fully integrated with the new vStorage API that comes as part of vSphere 4 and provides a more robust solution for VMware backups. vCenter has been integrated into the Avamar management console providing a single point of management for all backup options available.

    Chuck Hollis, Vice President and Global Marketing CTO for EMC, said, "What we're seeing in EMC Avamar is an important component of the private cloud; ultimately, information must be protected wherever it goes. Between leveraging the new vSphere API architecture and improved support for VMware View 4, we can deliver the enterprise scale, as well as the client support customers and service providers need for next generation backup."

    Finally, EMC has increased Avamar backup capacity by more than 60 percent and added new deduplicated export to tape functionality.

    • Added Backup Capacity – The next-generation of the Avamar Data Store delivers more than 60 percent more capacity in the same footprint, and offers build-to-order solutions for reduced deployment time and cost. The Avamar Data Store Gen3 is available in 1 to 16 storage node configurations, with up to 3.3TB of capacity per node, for scalability up to 52.8TB of deduplicated capacity in a single grid.
    • New Avamar Data Transport for Long Term Storage – This capability enables the export of deduplicated data to tape for cost-effective long-term storage, helping to reduce tape storage by up to 50 times. Through policy-driven processes, customers can easily export deduplicated data to tape and leverage searchable file-level catalogs for rapid restores.

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