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    October 20, 2009

    RSA Executives Offer Seven Guiding Principles to Maximize Megatrends Redefining the Information Security Industry

    Leaders From EMC’s Security Division Urge Audience at 2009 RSA® Conference Europe to Embrace Trends and Seize Opportunities to Provide Better Security

    RSA® CONFERENCE EUROPE 2009, London, UK - October 20, 2009 -

    Building a systemic security strategy to help organizations better face challenges and exploit opportunities spurred by next generation technology trends was the theme of the opening keynote at the 2009 RSA Conference Europe. In a joint keynote address, Art Coviello and Christopher Young, President and Senior Vice President, respectively, with RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), highlighted the need for organizations to develop a systemic security strategy that treats escalating technology trends not as a burden to be lifted, but as an unprecedented opportunity to improve security and build a more secure information infrastructure.

    "While technology and information have evolved and grown dramatically over the past 100 years, people's behaviors to cope with this growth have evolved at a much slower pace and our ability to keep up with the complexity foisted upon us is limited," said Art Coviello. "So today, high value is found in taming the complexity so that humans can take full advantage of these dramatic developments and advancements in technology. This is the challenge facing IT organizations around the world."

    In the joint keynote address, both EMC executives addressed oncoming trends – data center virtualization, cloud computing, the growth of mobile applications and social computing, for example – that are redefining the way information security is applied. Rather than bucking these trends and ignoring the risks they pose, Coviello and Young encouraged organizations to embrace them and seize the opportunity to build better security into the information infrastructure. To accelerate this shift, they equipped the audience with Seven Guiding Principles encompassing the critical elements required to build an effective information security strategy within today’s evolving security landscape.

    "Those who choose to embrace the trends will be best positioned to ride the wave of innovation reaping the associated rewards of increased revenues, reduced costs and faster, more flexible infrastructures," said Young. "To do so, we need to rise as an industry to meet next generation trends with a next generation information security strategy."

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