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    June 02, 2009

    Iomega Announces New Mac Compatible eGo Portable Hard Drives

    Triple Interface, Multiple Capacities, Style-to-Spare and Drop Guard Ruggedness Give Mac Users a Winning Combination

    SAN DIEGO, Calif. - June 02, 2009 -

    Iomega, an EMC company (NYSE: EMC) and a global leader in data protection, today announced the worldwide availability of the new Iomega® eGo™ Portable Hard Drive for Mac users, featuring multiple interface connections, a stylish new aluminum design, superior ruggedness and a robust combination of software, all backed with a three-year limited warranty. Available in three different colors and up to 500GB* in capacity, the new Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive for Mac users provides the dependability and versatility to meet today's on-the-go data storage needs.

    "Featuring both flavors of FireWire and USB 2.0 connectivity, the new Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive is ideal for Mac fans that want to take their files anywhere with the assurance of compatibility no matter which interface is needed," said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega and the Consumer and Small Business Products Division of EMC. "Just like the new USB 2.0 eGo models we announced two weeks ago, the new triple interface eGo Drives deliver dependability and style with a compact, sleek new aluminum enclosure in eye-catching colors, as well as a collection of backup software to protect your data."

    Scott Zahl, vice president, vendor management for Ingram Micro U.S., one of Iomega's largest IT distribution partners, said, "Iomega's next generation of eGo Portable Hard Drives are well positioned to meet the increasing business and consumer demands for greater mobility, capacity and flexibility when it comes to accessing and storing their data. Iomega's eGo Drive has become a channel favorite among our Apple resellers, especially as demand for portable hard drives continues to build within data-intensive vertical markets such as education, finance, and retail. We're pleased to be working side by side with Iomega to bring this next generation of in-demand portable hard drive technology to market."

    Cool Hardware with Superior Functionality

    The new Triple Interface eGo Portable Hard Drive features one FireWire 800 port, one FireWire 400 port, and one USB 2.0 port, and comes in variety of colors and capacities: the Apple-esque Alpine White model is available in 250GB; the deep Midnight Blue model is available in 320GB; and the Ruby Red model comes in 500GB. (Color and capacity combinations vary in international markets.) These drives are also formatted HFS+ for a great out-of-the box Mac experience.

    Inside an aluminum shell little more than a half-inch thick (16 mm) and weighing less than 7 ounces (200 grams) is a state-of-the-art 2.5-inch portable hard drive. Iomega's Drop Guard™ feature protects data on the new triple interface eGo Drive from drops of up to 51 inches, or 40% above the industry average!

    All of the new triple interface eGo Portable Hard Drives receive power from a laptop or computer's FireWire or USB 2.0 ports, so there's no power supply to carry around. Each drive includes both FireWire 800 and FireWire 400 cables, as well as a USB 2.0 "Y" cable which gives users the flexibility to use two USB ports to power the drive, if needed. And with up to 500GB of capacity, the new eGo drive for Mac users can store up to 2,000,000 photos, over 9,250 hours of music, or 750 hours of video**.

    Plenty of Software Bundled, Too

    Bundled free of charge with the new eGo Portable Hard Drives for Mac users are three backup software programs, giving users added protection for their photos, videos, music and other files.

    The software bundle with the new triple interface eGo Drives includes:

    • Iomega QuikProtect: backup software for simple scheduled file-level backup of data to hard drives and network-attached storage devices (for Windows and Macintosh desktops and notebooks).
    • EMC® Retrospect® Express or Express HD: backup all of your data plus applications and settings (for Windows and Macintosh desktops and notebooks).
    • MozyHome™ Online Backup: Convenient online backup service with 2GB of online capacity for free (unlimited online storage for $4.95/month). MozyHome Online service allows you to restore your most important data from any computer with internet access, at any location in the world.

    All of the software elements are accessible via easy download to new eGo Portable Hard Drive owners.


    The new Iomega® eGo Portable Hard Drive for Mac users is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 or above, as well as Microsoft® Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, and Windows Vista™. MozyHome software is available for Mac OS X 10.4 and above, along with Windows XP and Windows Vista. EMC Retrospect software is available for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

    New eGo Portable Hard Drive Accessories

    Available for purchase at www.iomega.com are two new accessories for the new eGo Portable Hard Drive: a durable black carry case that can be used for both the USB and triple interface models; and the Iomega Power Grip Belt for added durability, available in black and translucent colors (for the USB models only).

    Pricing, Availability and Warranty

    The triple interface Iomega® eGo™ Portable Hard Drive for Mac users is available today. The 250GB Alpine White eGo model is priced at $99.99; the 320GB Midnight Blue model is $109.99; and the 500GB Ruby Red model is $149.99. (All pricing is U.S. suggested retail.) All of the new Triple Interface eGo models include a 3-year limited warranty, and are available from online retailers, distributors including Ingram Micro Inc. (NYSE: IM), VARs, resellers and select retailers, as well as at www.iomega.com.

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